Thinking about buying a Bari.


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Apr 3, 2024
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I’m from Chichester, West Sussex, England.
I will be 90 next year but have played a Soprano and now a Tenor. A guitar is far too difficult so I want to buy a Bari because that’s the nearest I’ll ever get to the guitar sound.
I am looking forward to any info available to avoid any pitfalls.
Hey Petejay!
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Welcome to the UU forums! There are a lot of bari players here who I'm sure will be very happy to express opinions and share their experiences. Do you have any specific questions? If so, please feel free to post them. Uke Talk or Buying Tips would be good places to post any specific questions in support of your search for your next ukulele!
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Welcome. If possible go to a good music store rather than Amazon so the ukulele will have been checked and setup. I notice you are not that far away from Bournemouth so if the trip isn't too difficult it would be good to go to the Southern Ukulele Store in Bournemouth who will have a wide range available and staff who know about ukuleles.
It would be best to find a baritone to "try on" for size.
Also, there are strings available to tune a tenor ukulele to the same pitch as a baritone.
It may be just me, but when they are tuned the same what I lose compared to the "bigness" of a baritone, I gain in clarity "brightness" on tenor.
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Hi Petejay

When I changed over from tenor to bari, I got a cheap one first but soon changed over to a Mahogany Kala - it has a lovely warm tone. Since then the bari has taken over all my songwriting so I’ve upgraded to a Barron River for performing but I still enjoy the comfortable warmth of the Kala when I’m working on a song. If you can get to a store to try the ukes I would definitely recommend it.

Happy ukeing!

Hi Petejay, welcome to UU! I’d second @acharman ’s suggestion to speak to the guys at Southern Ukulele Store. You’re only an hour or so from Bournemouth (traffic permitting!), but if you don’t want to make the journey give them a ring. They’re very helpful and you can trust them to give you good advice. Enjoy the search!
I have always been tempted by a baritone also but not bit the bullet... yet! Just a thought, there are numerous XL tenors these days (Southern Ukulele have a rather nice Kala one on sale I believe). Have you looked into those? It might be a viable alternative.
Welcome and definitely agree with trying one first. I have two and love the feel and sound. Lots of great moderately priced options available and string sets to get the sound you want. Started with a Kala KA-B and have had no complaints now that I've settled on choice of strings.

Enjoy the journey and keep us updated.

P.S. now thinking of getting a classical guitar
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