Thinking of selling my Collings UC2


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Dec 28, 2012
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Haven’t been on UU in a while. Busy with grandkids, projects, retirement etc. Anyway, regarding selling, is everyone still using PayPal for the transaction? Haven’t sold in a while, but I like the security PayPal offers for both parties. Also, I remember there being a specific way to transfer funds so it doesn’t trigger a fee from them. Anyone familair with the current procedure. Thanks
Yes, I think PayPal is probably still the most widely used method of payment. The no fee transfer method you’re thinking of is “friends and family”, some sellers express a preference for that, but it doesn’t give you the security that Goods and Services does. Personally, on the rare occasion that I actually get around to selling a uke, I just take standard PayPal, the fees are only 3% or something and you can always build them into the original asking price.
I guess you’re referring to the type of wood. Sorry it’s a mahogany Uke. I don’t plan to try and sell it on this section of the forum, just trying to get caught up on peoples recent sells. I’ll post in Uke for Sale when I get my info together. Thanks
I do always use PayPal Goods and Services. It’s reasonable to ask the buyer to cover the fees. Zelle is gaining popularity, but I still prefer PayPal.

Regarding the ukulele itself, I’ll be interested to see how it goes. My UC1 is a dream and I can’t imagine ever selling it, but the Collings I’ve seen come up recently have not sold quickly. I can’t understand why. Guitar Center has had a used UC2 for months that they recently discounted to $2,000 and it’s still not moving. I hope it goes well for you!
Thanks for the feedback. I purchased it in 2016 and have never really played it much because I don’t want to scratch or ding it. lol.I've also noticed it is really loud compared to my Loprinzi and Kala’s. I just keep putting humidity packs in the case. My wife said it looks like a piece of furniture. I figured if I’m not using it maybe I should try to sell it. Thanks again.
I can totally understand that! My Collings is the nicest instrument I’ve ever owned and I definitely baby it. Good luck with the sale.
There's some kind of magic built into Collings ukes. Every one of them I've heard sounds amazing!
100% true. I bought a Blackbird Clara because I was babying my Collings UC1 so much that I was considering selling it to reduce my anxiety. The Clara is wonderful in its own way, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to let go of the Collings. If and when the day comes that I let the Clara go, I might have to try to track down a UT1 to have a matched set. They're truly special.
I use PayPal Goods and Services as a buyer or seller for protection both ways. If selling, I absorb the 3% fee. As a buyer I am somewhat turned off when the seller expects me to foot the fee, although I have paid it more than once.
I dropped paypal a while back. I don't do electronic pay services for the time being. USPS Money Order. Cash. Or with music oriented gear and such I go to MusicGoRound.

Without a paypal account I find I'm not spending as much money. Sure it can be fun to buy, sell, trade--try a lot of gear but the associated effort, shipping, tracking 1099 data and so forth has turned me off from such activities. Pretty happy with what I have so I try to play on and improve skills rather than chase an elusive ukulele or associated gear.

When I used paypal I always used Goods and Services. I mean come on--I like 'ya all---I don't have friends and family that frequent this site.....

Read your paypal user policies and decide for your self what all that means......
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