This or That?

None. We celebrate “Hallmark Holidays” in a very low key way at our house. The highlight of our Christmas day will be homemade pizzas for dinner. Simple, but joyful.

How many people will you be sharing Thanksgiving dinner with this year?
None. I might get a turkey TV dinner.

Do you love or dread the holiday season? I hate the shopping traffic. You can't get a loaf of bread without feeling you're in a combat zone. Need new shoes for work? You have a 50 foot line to pay for them. I hate the non-stop holiday TV. Enough is enough. Bah Humbug ! Then after Christmas you have everybody returning 3/4 of all the presents, and clearance sales, and then the white sales. It's all insane until February. Then Valentine's Day ......... Arrgghh!!
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Yeah, ya gotta love the Holidays. There's something for everyone during the end of Summer/Fall festivities.

Turkey or Ham for dinner?
Turkey for Thanksgiving, ham for Xmas.

On a PB&J sandwich, jelly or jam? The name says jelly but I like jam, spreads better.
Either, I always spread the PB on one slice and the J on the other so for me it doesn't matter.

Ketchup or mustard on a hotdog?
A little of both, I guess. We only eat Sonoran dogs down here from a local food truck that has amazing Mexican food.

Moscow Mule or Bloody Mary?
Bloody Mary (as in Queen Mary)

My favorite Punjabi food truck closed down for the Winter.
Is your favorite food truck operating year round?
Ours is operating even in the summer heat. Only downside is they don't open until 4.

Costco or Walmart ?
No Costco here, but I've been in a few on vacations. I remember one sold caskets, three styles! Weird!
I avoid Walmart like the Plague, but I like my Sam's Club.

Target or the now gone K-Mart? I loved K-Mart. Target is boring, more junk than K-Mart ever had.
No more K-Marts so I guess the only answer is Target now. (Our local K-Mart closed and was resurrected as a Target.)

Are plastic ukuleles more sustainable than wooden ones?
Not exactly two choices.

No. Plastic doesn't grow back. Making it and recycling it is toxic. Bury it and it's still there 1000s of years later.

Are we better off now, or in an earlier decade?
Buck, I have several. Benchmade more $$ than worth.

Combat boots, or "modern" hikers? I have some all leather combats with Vibram soles. Indestructible. I'm no longer capable of what they're made for! I wear hikers for easy use, like a marked trail.
I agree with you. Something about the buck 110 that makes it timeless.

Modern hikers to blend in and not stick out haha
I love my Danners.

Thank you for your service

-1st Cav
I never had a 110, but have an old 112, a little smaller. I have an original Bucklite, it is a Zytel handled 110.

I'm not a veteran, I just missed 'Nam. They dropped the draft before my getting a card.

Bar soap or body wash? I'm Irish Spring original!
Hot, but not steamy. No women around to make me need a cold one. .. ☹️

Do you ever wash styrofoam plates? With just dry crumbs from bread or cookies I rinse them off.
Don't use styrofoam, but definitely would not wash.

How do you like chili? With beans or no beans?
On its own, beans. No beans on a hot dog, or on top of hash browns.

In chili, pinto beans or kidney beans ? Pintos for me.
I rarely eat chili with beans. But when I do, I prefer kidney beans.

Do you prefer chili con carne (with meat) or plain chili without the meat?
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