This or That?

Chili with ground beef and pinto beans. I prefer it thick, about 1/3 of each.

Bacon or sausage? Even if the vegan fake stuff.
Tough call, but ultimately sausage.

Sausage links or sausage patties?
Love me some biscuits and sausage gravy.

Eggs Benedict or Huevos Rancheros ?
Raincoat, if it's a poncho. (Like an umbrella you wear.)

Fleece or Feather (insulation)
Both, I'm a sucker for any media series. Even books and comics.

Black tea or green?
Lipton Instant, every day. I think it's mostly black. Most run of the mill tea is a mix of types.

Sticking with tea - Sweetened or not? Splenda in mine.
You didn't finish. So,

Tequila straight or Margarita? I love Margaritas, my favorite and normally only hard drink.
Straight (with salt and lime)

What wine pairs with ham?
Tequila with salt and lime (and usually triple sec) IS a Margarita.

A sweet wine like Reisling or Zinfandel.

Have you ever been drunk and done something that was embarrassing later?
Does getting up off the floor count?

Corn or Rye whiskey?
I don't drink sodas, but I enjoy ginger beer.

Pretzels or potato chips?
Pie. Had a beautiful rhubarb (no strawberry) pie today.

Spade or shovel?
I haven't needed one for a long time. I think I own a spade!

Do you take aspirin or a newer thing like Aleve and Tylenol?
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