three word story


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Jan 13, 2009
The stairs are
Slippery with ice
Because a pirate
sneezed too hard
into the face
of danger, while
there were three
ukulele players, who
jammed most righteously
could not sing
but sang anyway.
They sounded like
The noise from
the heavens above
and Hell below
all at once
and yet somehow
The Pirates Knew
That if they
could retrieve the
helpless princess, Deach
Who's dandy voice
sounds like bashees
flatulated in the
Back passage of
the stripper bar
while cats mated
that they would
soon have some
yiffy love children
who became Hanson
wrote mmmbop and
a contest were
many uke players
played with their
strap-ons and boobs
Happily ever after
atleast they thought
why not do
what others do
and go to..
the other side...
where Jim Morrison
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