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Aug 16, 2017
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Hi. For those of you that use thumb picks when playing ukulele, could you list a few brands/models that you like? When I've played ukulele with a regular pick, I much prefer one with a very rounded edge and fairly thick (1mm or more). I haven't searched a bunch, but haven't noticed a thumb pick with a rounded edge and 1mm or greater thickness.


I bought some Kodiak thumbpicks. Some I use as is, some I cut down the standard pick and double tape any pick I like to it.

Tha Kodiak is the best fitting thumbpick and the only one that allows you to strum on the upstroke and/or grab it with 2 fingers and use it as a normal pick.

When doubletaping, you can decide how far it extends and at what angle! A truly adaptable pick

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I don't use picks, but when I do, Golden Gates always seem to fit my thumb best.
Although they are not technically thumb picks, I’m a big fan of Wedgie guitar picks. They are available in three different levels of stiffness, are virtually noiseless (unlike regular plastic picks), are easy to hold, and are thicker than most plastic picks. I’m also partial to Fred Kelly’s Bumble Bee thumb picks. They are designed in such a way that the pick can actually swivel, thus allowing for a more customized pick position.

The Wedgie has a somewhat more rounded pick point than the Bumble Bee. However, you can achieve a more rounded point on either of them by using a regular nail file or fine grit sandpaper.
These are "dainty" but they also have medium, large, and heavy. They can be shaped with a fingernail clipper and file.

On 'zon: Fred Kelly Picks D2-L-8 Delrin Slick Light Guitar Pick
This is what I use. Black Mountain picks. Spring-loaded. Excuse the dirty nails . . . gardening this weekend! 20220314_031956.jpg
Fred Kelly picks.
I used the freedom one when I wanted a nail sound, because I have very little nail. They are less picks and more like fake fingernails, although the difficulty with them is that they wrap around so you can't use them easily like you would when wanting to use both fingertips and fingerpads.
The bumblebee model is just a good thumbpick that is more like a full pick that has a bit of a loop to go around your thumb.
Since I don't like the length of some thumb picks, my approach is to buy the small size (currently the thicker Dunlops) and put the pick in the microwave (with a glass of water to keep the microwave happy) for a little over a minute. Then I reshape it so it fits my thumb and doesn't stick out so far from my thumb.
Plus 1 on the Black Mountain picks. I use the mediums (grey band) on baritone.
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