To PLEX or not to PLEX

My impression is that it is more difficult and more critical to set up a guitar. But the more important factor is how many public performers there are here, there and everywhere. And the riffs and sounds they are after (think Jimi Hendrix) makes the setup even more important. So the $250 would be worth it to many of these players to get a great and consistent setup. Not so much to a play at home or with a meetup group with an ukulele...
A Plek machine is just a computerized/CNC machine that firstly observes the frets, and then does a fret level/ fret recrown job.
It's not leveling the fretboard first, its not doing a refret job, so its FAR from being the be all and end all of a fret repair job.

It's just replacing a fairly standard luthier/repair job of taking a diamond sanding block to the frets to level them. and then recrowning the frets.
Now it should do the job faster than a human can, and time is money, yet in this case I would be paying LESS for the job done by a machine, not more.
Claiming that its WAY better, is just a clever way to compensate the service provider for investing in the machine, all the while doing a tech out of a job.
I level and recrown frets myself. I generally check them every time I do a restring these days. I may not do a perfect job, yet I do a little bit each time without paying a fortune for it each time.

Also, I'm not really convinced that having a new instrument Pleked" is really a good investment, AFTER you have bought a new instrument as the timber isn't stable yet.
For a mass manufacturer, it makes total sense as it does away with a skilled employee, yet that's their business, not ours.
Ideally you would spend some money on a high quality instrument to level the frets again after its had time to settle.

EDIT: OK, the Plek machine can be used to level the fretboard and recut the fret slots, yet that will require a luthier to remove the frets first and replace them afterwards.
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