Today I revived a seemingly dying bumblebee...


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Oct 3, 2021
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3,407 feeding him droplets of Red Bull.

So much for it being a deadly poison. I think if something so tiny as a flying insect can handle it I can. I swear the next time someone nags me about it I'm going to look them calmly in the eye hand them a used dog poop bag and just walk off with absolutely no context or explanation.

Also he is furry and cute and I will try and get pictures of him but he's refusing to come out of the empty Red Bull can now :D He's zipping around vibrating his wings and hunting after every last lil droplet :D
Did he almost die by you feeding him droplets of whisky?
No lol. I don't drink. Never did even as a leather-clad teenage metalhead. I have enough reckless stupidity in me while stone cold sober.
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