Too controversial for the C word?

Zoë Bestel

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Sep 5, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
Too controversial for the C word? Christmas that is...

Gah, is it too early to mention Christmas?
I know, I know it's still only November but...

I found this gorgeous, it seems, little known 1940's song called December. It's written by Al Rinker and Floyd Huddleston, the guys behind The Aristocats, and the version I first heard was sung by Kay Starr (if you want you can listen to that here)

Decided I wanted to cover it on my bari uke, because it's nice, all about family and going home. Have made a little video full of home movies from my childhood Christmasses (it's pretty adorable, if I say so myself).

Have a listen, I hope it makes you smile :) Thanks

P.S If you like the song a lot, click through to YouTube, got the chords that I figured out and the lyrics in the description :D

P.P.S *shameless self promo* If you like my version of the song even download the track if you like ;)
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Great song, thanks and Merry Christmas! :)
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