UU Podcast Top 3 Underrated Influential Ukulele Songs | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #83

Quintessential Songs, Beater Ukuleles, & Burger Orders​

Here are Aldrine's Top 3 Underrated Influential Songs. Do you agree, do you think there are more underrated ukulele songs that deserve to be on the list? Before Aldrine list his Top 3 Underrated songs, he lists some appropriately rated Quintessential Ukulele Songs. We also learn the origin of the name "Ukulele Underground", how Aldrine plans a set list, Aldrine's ideal burger order, and how he arranges Chord Melody Songs. We also answer questions about beater ukes, ukes for D tuning, and getting re-inspired with the uke.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:08 The Hogwarts of Ukulele

3:30 Quintesential Instrumental Ukulele Songs

11:05 Underrated Ukulele Song #1

13:40 More Quintessential Songs

15:35 Underrated Ukulele Song #2

20:15 Underrated Ukulele Song #3

24:35 Reasons for picking the 3 Songs

26:50 Aaron's additional underrated song

29:10 Figuring Out Songs vs Learning from the Originator

33:05 Where did the name "Ukulele Underground" come from?

35:25 How do you plan a set list?

39:45 Picking an Encore Song

43:05 Feel out the Audience Reaction

46:35 Aldrine's Burger Order

48:25 What do you start with when arranging a Chord Melody?

50:25 Arranging Melody First

53:10 Jiggy with Viggy's Arrangements

54:40 Ukulele for outdoors and travelling

57:10 Aldrine's beater ukulele

1:01:50 Is there a size and tonewoods best used for D tuning?

1:04:45 String Gauges matter more for Alternate tunings

1:05:40 How long do you study/practice a day?

1:09:20 Strumming Warm-ups

1:12:00 How do you get re-inspired with the Ukulele?

1:16:05 Finding new things to play on the Ukulele

1:18:30 What do you think of Carbon Fiber Ukulele?

1:21:05 Washington Tour Dates and Upcoming Events

Website - Edmonds Parks (Workshop & Concert on September 7th)
Website - Oceana Ukuleles (Concert on September 8th)
Website - Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival (Workshops on 9th, Concert on 10th)
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