Top, bottom, front, back?

Ken W

Feb 2, 2010
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Kentucky, USA
Maybe its the sunshine outside today or maybe its the heated but passionate and thoughtful posts that have dominated the forum in the past couple of weeks, but I feel that it might be time for a more light hearted, but serious question. Here goes:

Most things that have a top also have a bottom (think two-piece swimsuit or floors of a building) and most things that have a front also have a back (think doors or lawns of a house). So...why does a uke (and guitar for that matter, but a guitar is not a uke) have a top and a back?
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Beats me? Don't the Spanish call the top/front the 'plantilla'? Also does it matter? I think wierd names for the neck (where does that come from) are amusing but equally without 'sense' - I'm thinking 'arm' and 'handle'.... Here's hoping for humorous replies :)
English is a second language to me so I might be disqualified. But I'd say the top is mounted at the front. It works in a different way and the sides and back form the structure on which the top is mounted. At the front.

In Swedish we call it lid. And a lid sits on a jar, it's not one of the sides of the jar.

(No intentional humour, but feel free to laugh anyway...)
Scandinavia has it right - English is taught mainly as a second language and is spoken well by most of the population. Most Finns i know absolutely despised their compulsory Swedish lessons and yet...
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