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Oct 10, 2011
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Anyone play this one yet? It measures 18" and weighs 1 pound, 6.5 ounces. I've been a fan of the Traveler line since I first played an EG-2 at a music store. I ended up getting the EG-1 because I like the single humbucker setup more than the dual single-coils. I've put a couple of different humbuckers in the guitar, because the one that came with it was held together with electric tape.

Anyway, what do people think of the Shadow pickup that comes with the uke? I've had no luck finding this in any music store I've come across, but I've read that the Traveler Ultra-Lite guitar has the same pickup. I'm also curious as to how it sounds without an amp. It must be pretty quiet. Any imput would be appreciated. It runs $300, and I'm hoping the price will drop a little bit.

One thing I've noticed is that it doesn't come with a headphone jack, and I'd need to use a headphone amp. Has anyone tried one?


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I just saw one a few days ago in a Musician's Friend catalog. I was wondering when someone would post about it. I'm curious myself. It looks a lot like a Risa.
"Ultra-Lite"? At 22.6 ounces, lightness is not among its virtues.
"Ultra-Lite"? At 22.6 ounces, lightness is not among its virtues.

Agreed. My Firefly banjo uke weighs less than a pound.

I don't like the way everything is open on the back.

BTW, it's considered very bad form to hotlink images from another site. That's bandwidth theft, as the site has to pay for any bandwidth used to display the image elsewhere when they get none of the benefits of someone actually visiting their site. Some site owners will actually run a script that changes out hotlinked images for something objectionable.
I didn't know the protocol about hotlinking pics. I'll replace them with uploads. Anyway, aren't all images from the command hotlinked? If so, why do we have the command?

I'm actually used to the Traveler tuners, and I've never had a problem with them, except when I'm playing without a shirt on.
House and Mill tonewoods puts out a Travel soprano that rivals any soprano out there. It's made from choice tonewoods from Pacific Rim Tonewoods, designed by luthier Brian Griffin and handcarved in Mexico by a guy who worked for Taylor guitars for many years. Incredible uke to say the least.
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I didn't know the protocol about hotlinking pics. I'll replace them with uploads. Anyway, aren't all images from the command hotlinked? If so, why do we have the command?[/QUOTE]
The [img] command allows you to link images from public upload sites or your own site so that you are not required to upload them here.

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Rather ugly IMHO. Don't like all that stuff bolted on the back, or the neck profile at the body
The one thing I don't like about it is the price. I got my Traveler EG-1 for $350 used, and spent another $80 on a hot-rodded humbucker. If the Ultra Light Ukulele were $200-$250, I'd buy one, but for $300, I could get other goodies, like the Educational Edition of Cubase or put it toward a tube combo amp or a Kala U-Bass.

The main reasons I'm interested in the Traveler are these:

-I like the brand.
-I spend a lot of time between classes sitting in my car, and I could just jam out to my uke, maybe hook it up to my car stereo.
-It doesn't come with a headphone amp. Ideally, I'd have one with an 1/8" headphone out and a 1/4" line out with an on/off switch.
-The size
-I could hook it up to Guitar Rig Pro; I have steel strings on my Pineapple Eleuke, and it would be a different feel.
-The tuners are in the back, as opposed to on the side, like the Risa

What I don't like:

-The price.
-I probably won't have a chance to play one before buying it.
-It'll be awhile before people start selling the ones they get for Christmas used.
-It only comes in one size, concert. The Risa comes in soprano, concert and tenor.
-It's made in China
-It only comes in natural. I'd like a black one.
-It'll make me look fat (I'm 5'9" and 160 pounds - not fat - but small ukes make everyone look fat)
I've got no answers for you, but WOW. I like it. Looks like someone improved on the stringing design on the Uke Solid. Please review and post some videos.
All I see is an uglier, lesser quality, bulkier, heavier version of the Risa uke-solid, and at $300, I hardly think it is good value.

Might as well get the Risa Uke-solid.
-Lighter, simpler construction
-Guaranteed high quality (many satisfied users, Made in Germany, as opposed to Made in China)

The Risa uke-solids use a Shadow nanoflex passive pickup.
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Yeah, the Traveler has a Shadow acoustic piezo pickup.
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