UU Podcast Tremolo through the Ages | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #81

Tremolo Alternatives, Flamenco Ukulele, & the Master of None​

We hope you're hungry for some Tremolo action because in this Week's podcast, Aldrine will demonstrate every alternative to picking with your thumb nail. The guys discuss the trade-offs to each style of tremolo, and how it is a specialty technique. Aldrine answers questions about finger pain, and Flamenco Ukulele Players. The UU team also talk about learning from Masters and learning that there is always someone better than you.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:29 Mike might be coming back

3:50 The Podcast is Unscripted

5:50 Tremolo Advice for People who can't grow nails

7:35 General Thumb Picking Technique

11:05 Using a Thumb Pick

12:25 Angle of Attack

14:45 Tremolo with a Thumb Pick

17:30 Chunk with a Thumb Pick

19:45 Using a Flatpick

20:50 Pointer Finger Tremolos

22:00 Fake Nails

23:45 Middle Finger Tremolos

24:40 Ring and Pinky Tremolos

25:50 The Running Man

27:50 The One Legged Running Man

28:35 Abe's Picking Style

30:25 Do you use the two or three finger Tremolo?

31:20 Double Stop Tremolos

32:50 Aldrine's Thumb Tremolo

34:45 Trade-offs for each style

35:20 Specialty Technique

36:35 Kalei's Tremolo

37:50 Nobody is the Master of Everything

40:20 Are there Flamenco Ukulele Players?

42:05 Do your fingers hurt after a day of playing?

43:35 Calluses on Your Fingers

46:10 Aldrine has big hands

49:50 Speed isn't always everything

52:50 Learning You're not a Master

56:10 Kopi Luwak

57:35 It's Exciting to Know that People are Better than You

59:40 Flamenco Bodysurfing

1:02:15 Growing the next generation

1:03:50 Can they beat you in Mario Kart?

1:05:50 Opihi Pickers, Garza & Cruz Family

1:08:50 Washington Tour

1:13:15 Please Support Maui as Much as You can

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