Trophy Points?

It's just a social hook.
The more you're here, and the more you post, the more people like what you say, the more points you get.
Ignore it if you like.
Not to single out Ukuleleunderground, as they didn't develop it, its in the chatboard software, its about subtly encouraging people to be here, which then generates more views, and more potential to attract advertisers.

Welcome to the Brave New World.
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When you get enough trophy points, you can trade them in for prizes in your dreams
Dreams are the only place they'll be .. 🤪
Yup what anthonyg said. Some people love the idea, others don't care, some think it's useless... It is all of these things. But the reason is pretty much to encourage you to spend more time here and participate actively rather than just lurk. Doesn't work if you're not into that sort of thing anyway.
How do I get my 114th point to move ahead of others?
113 is a perfectly fine number. (It's what I seem to have also.)

I never even noticed those points before, so I guess it doesn't motivate me. But ukuleles do motivate me....

Edit to add: It looks like many of us have 113 points. I guess I'm just blending in with the crowd.
Tim mentioned that the points system is totally broken. He's looking into that:
Related to Member stuff, our points system is broken, and I'm working on some updates. Most people don't care about this, at least partly because in its current state it's so broken that it's neither fun nor useful, but again, I've seen it working elsewhere, and it's kinda fun when it works. :)
Is November National Tinker With Your Forum month? My other three forums are also doing "upgrades" and they're all having glitches too. I can't get away from it. .. :eek:
Get to the point!
I notice that you have made more than 6000 posts and only have a reaction score of 25 and 48 points.

This would not be enough to get you any credibility as a proper Ukulele Influencer. You may need to improve your Message to Point ratio if you are thinking of becoming a successful Ukulele Influencer.

This is how the concept of the points works. Having the points and reaction scores is very important to content creators who want to get noticed, they follow the stats to see how much reach and how many views they get. Many UU members are not posting on UU to create content or get views, so the statistics are not much use to them. But, I believe there will be a few UU members who enjoy the idea of seeing how their posts go and monitoring the response to their content. So, I am happy to keep the feature available to those members.
Wow... so can I give away my points?
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