Tuner Talk - CAUTION: POSSIBLY CONTROVERSIAL OPINION - I hate the clip on tuner.

I use both clip-on tuners and iphone apps. I prefer the clip-on, but unlike my phone I can't call it to find out where I left it. But I usually have my phone with me. Now if I could text on my tuner...

I may be the only one, but on some ukes I can tell the difference when the tuner clipped on and when I remove it. Not every note, or every uke, but it is usually not an improvement so I don't keep a tuner clipped on. I don't want to go into the voodoo of adding headstock weight vs. sustain as there are tons of guitar threads on the subject.

I generally tune every time I play, but once the strings are broken in, I don't find that they change much and apart from trying to get perfect (if only perceived) tuning I probably don't need to tune up as much.

I never realized that having a tuner on your ukulele was an issue worth discussing, until someone brought it up in a thread a year of so ago. The reason I leave mine on the ukulele, is so that I don't put it down somewhere and lose it.
Fair enough. :)

Wow, nice. I had no idea this would get so much press. Really I live by "to each their own" and as I stated I honestly was just putting my own opinion out there and was not trying to ruffle any feathers.
I agree, as is/was my comment, it's a personal preference. :)
Cool discussion! I just clip mine on and make sure the root note is on, then tune the uke to itself, checking C 8vs and A 8vs. And unclip when I play. My babies are rather inexpensive, except for a nice Makai pina that is the most finicky of all. It's your uke, play it like you want to!
I use the planet waves micro tuners and leave them clipped on the headstock.
The reason I leave mine on the ukulele, is so that I don't put it down somewhere and lose it.
Actually I have micro tuners living on almost each of my ukuleles - even though one might argue why I spent so much cash on all these micro tuners instead of buying a single Peterson strobe instead (which is probably more precise and closer to perfect).
I don't understand why anyone leaves a tuner on their Uke.

exactly, I tune and take mine off...after an hour of playing, I check sometimes and retune if it's off, usually, it's still in tune.
Like UkeEd, I tune then take off the tuner and clip it to my music stand.


Or if I'm out somewhere I might put it back in the case. It's not so much the look of a tuner, although that's a factor, the extra weight of the headstock on a light instrument makes it feel wrong.
I am a big fan of being in tune. And if you play with others, it is important to be in the SAME tune, so a tuner has its place (instead of relying on other strings or your ear).
I also find that playing ANY instrument with the tuner affixed is a major pet peeve of mine, but I realize I cannot control what others do so whatever.
Personally, I leave the tuner in the case, and just clip it on to tune, then take it off when pau.
I also would not want to put any type of adhesive on my ukuleles.
Whenever I pick up any of my ukes, I check the tuning with a tuner.

This habit came from my obsessive string changing/testing whereby I would try a different set of strings after about 14 days or so on each uke. Now that my bounty of ukes all have strings that I am happy with, I just keep the tuner on for convenience.

I dont care what it looks like as it performs a useful function for me that saves me time with it attached to my uke, and I dont have to go looking for a tuner and then clip it on.

This allows me a few more minutes playing, which is critical when I get a song idea in my head, and I need to MINIMIZE distractions that will cause me to forget the idea because I had to go find a tuner. Every second counts to try and capture what my muse have given me.

What kills me is when watching a youtube video and the uke is out of tune, even a little bit, I simply cannot listen to the song because the discordant sound is too much of a distraction for me.

Having said all this, I should point out that I just bought five MORE Reverb tuners for $1 ea. as per this thread:


So likely I wont be buying a new tuner soon, unless the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip, or the Peterson Stroboclip tuners go on sale for cheap.

Right now I think I am pretty close to one tuner for each uke. Different strokes and all..:rock:
i can't understand why you would clip it onto a music stand. i have never seen a music stand go out of tune.
Good one. I hardly ever leave my tuners on after tuning unless I've recently changed the strings because I can hear them vibrate and they usually don't sound as nice as the uke.
I have tried clip-on tuners, but, some of them vibrate a bit and that would drive me nuts if I tried to play a set with the thing mounted on the headstock. I really prefer the Korg tuner that I have been using for over three decades.
For a coupla my Ukes with very thick pegheads, I also use a Korg tuner. I put it on a bookcase in my music room and stand near-by. The tuning is sometimes different then that of my Snark, but I dunno which is correct. But, I guess as long as I'm playing solo, it doesn't really make any difference.

I've tried tuning by ear many times and then checking with a Snark, and, though the Uke sounds in tune, it's always different from the tuner. I guess my aged ears are just too old--Ahhh, well . . .

My Ukes seem to stay in tune for a long time. I only tune them when they don't sound correct. :eek:ld:
I'm with Dick on the ear tuning. I can do it, but it takes too long, and my ear is not near as accurate as my tuner. I start out low, then I go too high, then I try to bring it back down, but I can't hear anything happening, until it jumps and I find myself too low again. I think that tuning by ear is way overrated.
Problems with tuning by ear was one (but not the only) factor why I never got away with guitar.

Clip on tuners made a huge difference. I do check by ear and sometimes have to tweak the tuning but the clip on tuner means I can quickly get the instrument in tune. A quick aural check and I'm good to go.
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Interesting. But I fancy my Peterson strobe tuner better. I have no problem taking it off after I tune.
Since the Kamaka auction well out of my budget, maybe I can splurge on a tuner instead. Can you give some idea of the advantages of the Peterson over a Snark?
Well, those that can I highly recommend learning to tune the instrument to itself. It's sloppy cuz I just made it but here's a vid of how using my low G Gary Gill Tenor

Never seen it quite that way, but there's a lotta ways to skin the cat. Nicely done!
But really, I'd rather see a room full of ugly tuners and have everyone in tune than see a bunch of bald headstocks that are attached to ukes that sound like garbage.

I was at a jam awhile back and this one person's uke was so out of tune, I tried to suggest, in the nicest way that she needed to tune it. Her reply was " I just tuned it yesterday ".

I just take my clip on tuner off of my Ukulele when I play a song. The only problem is I have a tendency to clip it on the stand, on the case, put it in different pockets, clip it on the microphone cable, etc., anywhere as long it's not the same place twice. Gives my bandmates something to rag on me about as I search for it. They call me "Tunertard". Not very nice if you ask me!😄
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