Tuning a Tenor guitar like a Tenor Uke

I love the ukulele. But it is also very fun to occasionally switch to that acoustic guitar sound without having to learn any new chord shapes.

Here is how you change your tenor guitar to play like a GCEA ukulele...

Start with a standard set of tenor guitar strings (CGDA - low to high). Keep the A string as is. Tune the D string (slowly and carefully) up to E. Move the G string to the 4th position instead of the third.

Then buy a set of standard guitar strings. Take the B string out of that set and tune it (slowly and carefully) up to C.

That's it and it will sound good.

Bonus material... If your tuner is a uke tuner, it might have trouble recognizing the low G (mine does). Tune the A E and C as normal and tune the G by playing the fifth fret (making it a C) and tuning it also to the C.
The ukulele is great and I like to bring it with me in the forest on hiking or paddling trips. But I also like to have the sound of the acoustic guitar but never managed to learn enough chords on the 6 string guitar... Recently I bought a tenor guitar and have been trying to find the strings that makes it sound like an acoustic guitar but tuned with GCEA.

I bought this one with a bag. Not fancy but it does the job: https://www.thomann.de/se/harley_benton_custom_line_clt_20s_nt_w_bag.htm

I first tried with some string kits but didn't like it so I bought some single strings, tried, bought some more strings and tried... Now I have settled for these:
G: D'Addario Phosphor Bronze PB022
C: D'Addario High carbon steel PL018
E: John Pearse: SP013
A: D'Addario High carbon steel PL008

All the strings are in the same octave except the G which is one lower.
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