Tv show binge watching recommendations?

Just watched "The Crown" on Netflix. First season of ten episodes. Engaging story of current Queen Elizabeth's early years.
A few months ago watched on Netflix both full seasons of Marvel's Daredevil.

Last weekend on Netflix also burned through the first and only season of Marvel's Luke Cage.

This weekend planning on, yep you guessed it, on Netflix, all so far of Marvel's Jessica Jones...

Another Netflix series that I really enjoyed was Sense8, and I hope it will continue, as the story did not really end yet.

I like the tv/movie adaptations of comic book heroes, whether they adhere to canon or not.

Last November and December, I also binged watched all 143 episodes of the animated series of Star Wars:The Clone Wars, and then all 64 episodes of Star Wars:Rebels in prep for seeing Star Wars:The Force Awakens, and it seems we will be blessed with another Star Wars movie THIS December 2016 once again by the folks at Disney.
IMHO, the best TV show ever written and acted in is "The West Wing". We are watching it again on Netflix. You don't have to like politics to appreciate it.
Only one season (so far...) but "The Stranger" on Netflix is definitely worth the watch. I like a show that keeps me guessing as to what is going on and this one had me in the dark until the last episode.
Supernatural.....on the second time through,waiting for Season 14 on something in the UK,but nobody or nothing seems to air it. DVDs are a bit iffy to buy as they are apparently in the wrong region. Grrrrrrrrrr !!!
I second lots of stuff especially Lost, Orange Is The new Black, and Farscape but also :

Ted Talks
My Name Is Earl
X-Files up to S6
Buffy was awesome until they added the super aggravating little sister from nowhere, arrgh!
Xena is hysterical, sometimes just silly, sometimes moving but Lucy Lawless will grow on you.

Been watching GOT on DVD since we cut the cable, but honestly the books are so far superior. It's good for the great visuals though.

Fun films with a similar theme
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Italian Job
Pulp Fiction

Xena can be campy, but you're right there's something about it. I do an occasional rewatch of that.
I'll second Longmire
find basically anything by BBC: Last Tango in Halifax, Split, MI-5 (Spooks), Happy Valley, Killing Eve. If you like a good psychopath, watch The Fall with Gillian Anderson, The Crown, Downton Abbey
Time to break out any old DVD sets you have. I'm going through China Beach right now.
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I have a year of free Apple TV+ and I still haven't found anything I want to watch. :(

On the plus side, it doesn't take long to figure that out. :p

To be fair, there are probably a few good shows if they strike the right chord with you.
We have Netflix, no TV.
I'm watching all the Deep Space 9 and Voyager series that I missed years ago.
Not bingeing, just 2 or 3 episodes a day.
I would like to recommend the whole community to watch the series "The office" its a great comedy featuring a setting that almost everyone can relate to easily. apart from great story, the whole thing is just awesome. some say its over-rated but i say some people are wrong. just watch it and you will understand. it has brought joy to me when i was down ! hope you are not down right now. have fun :agree:
'Dark' on Netflix.

I just started watching season 3. I can't say I totally understand what's going on in this multi-layered drama but it's been an interesting show. I started watching with the English dub but it was so bad that I re-started it with the original German/subtitles.
Currently binging on Ghost Adventures
Call The Midwife, from the BBC. We watched all that Netflix had, then watched all that YouTube had. NOW we don't know what to do with ourselves.
Play more ukulele???
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