Song Help Request Twiddly Bits for Mad World (Gary Jules Version)


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Jun 3, 2009
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hey all...

trying to figure out an arrangement of the haunting counter-melody that plays behind the chords in the chorus of the gary jules version of mad world. you know, the descending "doo-dee-doo-dee-doo-dee-doo-dee-doo" part. hehehe...

i play the song now with a single notes followed by half chords to try and recreate that haunting piano effect and i'd love to work this extra melody part into that beat structure. not sure if i'm explaining it as well as i could! anyone have a tabbed arrangment that's more than just single notes?

thanks a ton!

I'm partial to this cover:

the trick is in his strum and pluck technique, which he unfortunately hasn't described. It seems to be a habit as he uses it in some of his other tunes though... He gives the chords in the description, at least

uking has a (sounds to me at least) different version, and he shows his technique in this how-to video:
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thanks seeso!

that's exactly what i'm looking for except it looks like this is written for a uke with a low g tuning and i'm high g re-entrant.

i typically play the song with as em, g, d, a

so close... anyone have this tabbed out already?

wheto -

that's the cover i enjoy too! i'm watching his fingers and i'm pretty sure he's playing chords over a backing track with the "intro melody". i play in the same key as he does aswell - Em, G, D, A

thanks for your help guys... can't wait to get this one down!

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