Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha


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May 26, 2011
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trondheim, norway
My two bits on the Gretsch and the Yamaha guitaleles, both set up to my particular preference; the ‘Eddie Freeman Special’ tuning, which was recommended to me by the late Dirk Wormhoudt of Southcoast Guitar & Ukulele company from Mandeville, Louisiana. I miss him in here - he was a well of great ideas, and funny too.
Anyway, here is my little ad hoc comparison of the two guitaleles:

From this side of the camera, I like the sound of the Yamaha better. What strings are on it? Maybe the Gretsch will warm up as the strings break in.
I agree, Jim…and the strings on the Yamaha are Southcoast, which can’t really be beat. I bought a load of those sets from Dirk just before he passed, so I still have some. The Gretsch is brand new, so it remains to be seen if the solid mahogany top opens up over time. The strings on that one are Aquila.
They are a set which has mixed materials, recently released by Aquila. Discussed in this thread.

«Micro-guitar»…hehe, it’s still a guitalele…and the strings don’t look like the E to E set I have, which are Aquila Reds all the way, a ‘guilele’ set with low E. Sounds ok though!
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