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May 9, 2017
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I hardly ever post but have no doubt I frequent these forums. I started with a laminate kala and over the past year have come to love both uke and guitar. I see some beautiful pieces of art that I wish I could afford, but as a twenty- something I would like to show off my babies that I do have. I do have a question. When it comes to mid-range instruments I couldn't be happier with my Pono uke and Faith guitar. For those who can't spend thousands at the moment, is there any better!


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That should have been a question mark there at the end. Whatever I dropped out of college lol.
Agreed. You don't have t spend a lot with Uke to get good quality. My Pono AT was my first and it still hangs with a MTD-SP spruce/mahogany tenor, a custom and a simple walnut Fluke. Keep playing and enjoying what playing music is all about and your time will come. You are still young but your time will come. Have fun.
I actually had a MT from Pono but for a little bit more I got the cedar top and radius fingerboard. I'm convinced that if your serious about starting, the $600 price point is the best entry point. Mostly because that's what my credit card is maxed at. (Thanks.....insert president) but seriously I pay off an instrument and get another. That's my cap.
If your savvy, both of those come in at about $600 lol
Those are both fine looking instruments. The backs almost match, from what I see.
I'm not sayin' it's wrong, but I never put ukes on a credit card. I know it's hard, but I prefer to save up the cash, then buy it.
That way, I'm not in debt, and I pay no interest.
And yes, my budget since I retired took care of my UAS.
I wish I had that discipline.

:agree: me too! LOL!

Those are some nice instruments you have, there. A Pono is a first class ukulele. And those backs DO match! Very cool.
Mostly because that's what my credit card is maxed at. (Thanks.....insert president) but seriously I pay off an instrument and get another. That's my cap.
Since you're a fan of caps that should work out well. ;)

LOL. I don't think your credit limit has anything to do with who is president. It'll go up as you build your credit score, which you're actually doing some by using your card and paying it off on time.
That said, there is a lot of wisdom in what Nickie said. That's what I do too.

I'm glad you're happy with your instruments! There are a lot of good, quality instruments for way under $600 too, but that's my opinion. I know I'm not alone in it. Quality control and who has set it up really comes into play, but there are some real gems out there for great prices. Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy what you have. :)

BTW in your second pic, you look so YOUNG and petite with that guitar for being 20-something yrs old! :rofl:
Yes that's my son, and he loves playing as much as I do. I know how it is, I'm 6'4" and pretty big so I'm sure it's kinda funny to see me play uke.
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