UAS - By The Numbers

Ten years, gone through 24 tenor ukes, currently own 4. Bass ukes in 9 years, gone through 54, currently own 8.
Okay boys and girls - it's true confession time. How long have you been playing the uke, and how many ukuleles do you own?

3 Months - 17 Ukes
Oh wow! Currently I have 8 Ukes been playing on and off for 12 years.

How many Ukes have I had?? Too many. 3 years ago my herd was completely different.
5 years I was up to 50 but now I have 42 and decreasing—S L O W L Y.
Ten months and ten ukuleles, but one of those was/is a twelve year old closet queen. Also, there have been a couple returns or trades. In other words, my name is Alan and I am a ukeholic. Are we going to have a separate thread for excuses and rationalizations?
5 ukes and almost 3 years now for me!

1 uke is the real beater (enya nova u pro tenor). The other 4 are mid to high end instruments and all have distinct voices
Now when asked I can't say "I don't know." :ROFLMAO:

Started in early 2019, but in early 2020 stopped due to shoulder injury.
Restarted again this year
23 Ukuleles (not including my grandson's ukes that reside in my home & he doesn't want or Mandolins). However, I do plan a couple of sales and a few purchases.
Three years, three ukes. But I have a lot of wood sets ready to go.
Bought my first one around 20 years ago. I’m up to 6 now for my “have bought” total.

Been diligently playing for a couple years and currently have 4 ukes of my own.
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2 years, 10, plus appr. 50 other string instruments.

Unfortunately I'm better at restoring and buying instruments than playing them ;-)

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5 years, current count is 8 including a sentimental that I will always keep and one other that will likely get sold. Total has been ~50-60 (not all at the same time!) and that includes several that were returned or bought for donations (not owned very long). Stupidly though, some are duplicates.
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