Uh oh, the UAS feeling again. Leho baritones?


Jan 29, 2023
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Out of curiosity I browsed the websites of the local shops to see what baritone offerings were in town, in stock, and found exactly three - a Flight for way more than I'll pay for a Chinese uke on impulse, an all laminate Kala, and an all solid hog Leho. Both for $400 CAD pesos ($275). So the Leho seems like a good value for an all-solid uke. I've never tried this brand, do they hold up? Don't really want the Kala because the marketing talks about the sound quality of the type of wood even though its laminate and that really triggers me. Wondering if it's worth it to make the very maddening drive into the big city to try it.
I have a cheap Leho LH MLUT-2M tenor, and to be honest it sounds pretty well for a low-end laminate uke. It's in tune, good volume and sound. Perfect action out of the box. The finishing is well, fretmarks on the side, no rough edges, the tuners are good quality. To be honest I was pretty surprised for such a cheap instrument, I can say that the brand is not bad at all. I'm sure that a higher model would play good, it would be worth to try it.
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