Uke in an ensemble/string band

It sounds like that needs some adjustment. It doesn't have to be high.

My Tenor is 2.5mm at fret 12. My banjolele is just a bit higher at around 2.75ish. It could perhaps use an adjustment, but I don't think that would eliminate the learning curve. At least not for me. It doesn't feel like I'm playing a ukulele that sounds different. It feels like I'm playing something that isn't a ukulele at all. And I suppose it ought to feel just the way it feels right now. I just was not expecting it to feel any different than a uke. I was naive.
My daughter and husband play guitar, and with just two guitars, and my uke, all played acoustic, I think the uke adds something to the mix. Now, the more guitars you have the less you hear the uke. I also make a point of using my loudest uke, and strumming as loudly as possible. And I think reentrant tuning sticks out more than linear.

It almost certainly is judging by the headstock. I'd pay good money to have one of those.

That is wonderful, thanks so much! That uke has an amazing sound to it also. Really nice.

No worries. That video - or that band in general - shows how you can incorporate a uke very nicely in the ensemble. It's probably best not to have too many other instruments so the uke won't drown out quite so easily. The chap on the video seems to be playing into a mic. I much prefer that to plugging in because to me a pick up rarely produces the authentic sound of the uke and alters it in a bad way. Of course that's also dependent on the uke. In any case, some sort of amplification is probably needed.
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