Uke player/singer(s) needed for surprise marriage proposal, North Shore, Oahu


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Apr 30, 2012
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Hello forum members. I'm a jazz bass player myself, and I hope this is a good place to locate a/few talented ukulele artists who can also sing.

I plan to surprise and ask for the girl of my dreams for her hand in marriage, on the beach of North Shore, on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, just prior to sunset. I'd like to surprise her with ukulele versions of some of her favorite tunes. (...uke because we're in Hawaii) while I announce my love, and hopefully tears in her eyes.

If you can play and sing these tunes, I'd love to see some of your videos:

- Iz Kamakawiwoole's "Over the Rainbow" (of course!)
- Christina "Perri's Jar of Hearts"
- Anything from Adele

I'd be open either a single person or 2-3 that can play as a combo in harmony. You'd be performing casually on the beach in the sand. And I'd gladly pay reasonable rates, for at least an hour.

If you're interested, please either PM me or reply on this post. I appreciate your time. Mahalo.

Great idea, I hope it works out for you. I can't help as I am stranded on the mainland.

But while reading your plan, I imagined a flash mob of ukuleles from the various park benches, trees, and beach towels all coming to life at the appropriate moment.

Awesome plan! Unfortunately I'm on another, nowhere-near-as-cool island (Australia) but I just wanted to give you my best wishes nonetheless and offer you a pre-emptive "congratulations" because this plan will no-doubt be ultimately successful. Heck, I might even claim it as my own when the time comes! ;)

Cheers & Peace,
Thank you!

Hey all, thanks for the warm wishes and replies. Wish me luck!


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Congratulations, and a great place to propose, good luck with the hunt. Maybe message one of the Hawaii Music Supply dudes (not sure if that's the MGM guy, I'm new here) and ask if they have any cards up in the store advertising local players. I get the feeling that if anyone will know of people to fit your bill, it will be them.

Good luck with it all once again, I spent my honeymoon on Kauai & Oahu and fell in love with the islands.
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