Uke Scales - Three Notes Per String Method


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Jan 13, 2009
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Hey guys!

I come from a guitar background and was taught to play scales using the "Three Notes Per String" method. I've been searching around the web but can't seem to find a complete guide on ukulele scales using this method. So I figure I would try to start my own.

Here is what I've come up with so far. Below are JPG's showing the Major, Natural Minor, Major Pentatonic, and Minor Pentatonic scales (in standard C ukulele tuning). I tried to write all in the key of C, but written the Natural Minor scale in the key of A. I've done this to show you how it corresponds to the major scales. To play them in another key just slide the "Root Note" up or down the neck, and all the patterns will move up or down as well. If you have any questions, or see that I made a mistake please let me know.


Edit: I edited the image and pdf links to redirect to my new website ( I'm working on newer higher resolution versions of these patterns in Adobe Illustrator, and will be making those available at some point in the near future.

YouTube Major Scale Tutorial:

YouTube Major Scale Tutorial - Using Them (quick tutorial):

Edit: Added the scales to a .PDF file. Here is the link: Ukulele Scales 3-Note-Per-String Method.pdf



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Well done. Nice and simplified without compromising any information. I love me some major scales. Amazingly easy to come up with good melodies while just dinking around with them.


Thank you so much sir!!!! I know this was said but I have been looking so long for this. I found other scales but it didn't give me that versatility I wanted. Thanks again man!
Thanks again guys. I've been working on the other scales today, but with the Super Bowl didn't get too much done. I will be added additional cheat sheets as soon as I can. :shaka:
Hi everybody. I've made some changes to the first cheat sheet, and added a second. The JPG's now show the Major, Natural Minor, Major Pentatonic, and Minor Pentatonic/Blues scales. I'm going to work on getting the Harmonic and Melodic minor scales up next. Please stay tune! :p
Very nice! Thanks alot for this. It's just what I needed.
Great stuff.
Does everyone memorize these or is there some other "short cut" way that I'm not understanding? Sorry... newbie here to music theory :)
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