Uke Strings with a rough/texture to them


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Jan 20, 2018
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Not sure if this makes me a bit odd, but I've found that I prefer strings which have a bit of a 'matte' texture to them, rather than the glossy/smooth ones. I even quite like the slight sound they make when running fingers over them.

For example, I was using some Aquila CarbonBlacks and was loving the matte feel (and the tone for that matter) of them. Just changed to some Martin Fluorocarbon clear and, whilst they sound nice enough, I find them a bit too smooth and 'slippery' to touch. Similarly, the Aquila Reds that I tried were too smooth.

Is it just me?

Anyway, can anyone recommend any others that I might like? Preferably at the warmer-sounding end of the scale.

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You could always take some 400 grit sandpaper and very gently rough up the surface of the fluorocarbon strings. I have never tried this myself.

Also both Kala and Guadalupe makes strings and are micro-wound with nylon or fluorocarbon, giving a texture similar to the metal-wound over nylon classical guitar strings, but I've never used either. I think that Uke Republic sells both sets.
Interesting - the aquila reds always felt a little "matte" to me - although much thinner than a lot of strings.
Just to be specific, I meant the Aquila 85U Red Series.

And actually checking again, you are correct, they are more matte compared to the Martins. Perhaps it's their thinness that I have less fondness for?
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