Uke Syllabus for Beginners by a Beginner

Nice job, hope you don't mind my sharing it with my "Seniors" uke classes.

Nice. Thanks for sharing. As you say, the very process of putting such a document together can be a valuable learning experience.
Nice work! Thanks for taking the time to put this together and sharing it.
Good job! Thanks alot. I've been playing for years and don't read music. This helps.
Wow, this should be a sticky!

I've been playing about 15 months and found most of this on my own, but you put it in a comprehensible package.

I particularly needed the staff info. Thanks.:smileybounce:
Agree this should be a sticky- there is a ton of excellent info here, very well explained. Well done! Thanks for sharing.
Bravo! Thank you! Very well-written and useful.
That's awesome! Mucho Mahalo! :shaka:
Yup, your mod team agrees. This definitely deserves sticking, so... hey presto. :)
I'm only about 20 pages in (and skimming a bit this first time thru) but I've already done answers to write a few of my questions. Thank so much for putting this together!
This is great! I'm really weak in music theory and have just started learning. This is a big help. Thanks so much!
Thanks for taking the time to do this! As a self taught guitar player with no music theory knowledge, I appreciate the simple but methodical approach.
Thank you so much for this! As a beginner who has free-wheeled it up to now, this will be invaluable. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.
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