Uke Syllabus for Beginners by a Beginner

Very useful, I'm always trying to find material to improve my poor playing, thanks ...
Great Perspective

I agree that this would be a great sticky under the beginners section or as a reference. I play many other instruments but until today, not a uke. I am in full sponge mode and this syllabus is a wonderful teaching aid. Thank you.
Whoa! Just found this! Thank you so much! Have downloaded it and will begin using it.
The thread title caught my eye because I am a real believer in the idea that, those who are very proficient in a particular subject, are often times not the best at explaining it to those who are having trouble connecting the initial dots. I had a Chemistry prof in college who had no idea how to teach elementary Chemistry.
Thanks so for the hard work you've done on this and sharing it with us! I know nothing of music theory, have never played an instrument before the ukulele, so I know this will further my learning. I appreciate this so much!
Thank you so much for this... it's really helpful for people like me, with no prior music knowledge..
Very cool.
I've been trying to find something with strumming patterns. I've been trying James Hill's Ukelele Way, and even the pre beginner section seems to assume you understand strumming and notation on when to hold etc (unless I'm just not finding it).
I started with Uncle Rod's just to get transitioning down which helped, then I tried fingerpicking which I'm getting better at sitting there and mindlessly running the same runs.
When I tried to do something with chords and strumming I was clueless on when to do chord changes based on just music, and reading the tablature. this looks much clearer. I'll try it tonight and see if I feel less like throwing my uke to the other side of the room.
Thanks again.
Nice piece of work! The best way to learn anything is to teach it!
Thanks. Learning theory is making my head hurt. Let's see if this has some other ways for it to click. Playing any songs seems to make me nuts without it. I've often not known the songs in some of these books, so I'm clueless as to figuring out strumming patterns or bpm. I guess I'll just keep at it. If anything has me giving up uke it's that the theory makes no sense for the most part.
You don't need to know much theory at all to play the uke.

Knowing where the notes are located for playing melodies - a fretboard map shows you where they are.

A chord chart shows you where to place your fingers - & then you just need to learn to hit the strings up & down, rhythm usually comes as second nature.

Combining all three together is the tricky bit. ;)
Very impressive, and thorough. Thanks for sharing it!
Thank you so much to tell us about it's syllabus. If you have to check ukulele songs you can use sc music downloader and download them with ease
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Thank you for putting this together. Although I passed your test with no problem, there was still much in your syllabus that was great to review/learn. I would bet that just about everyone can learn something from it.
Bravo! Thank you! Very well-written and useful.

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