Ukey article in Hamilton paper


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May 2, 2008
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Canada (Greater Toronto Area)
Found another article about the ever increasing popularity of our favourite lil' instrument in the Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, Can.) and they have a little vid to go with it on their website.
It's great that more and more people are enjoying a litlle piece of aloha but in all honesty, I'm not sure I love the article or the vid... I don't think it does justice to the uke. But it is a decent enough piece for piquing the interest of non-ukers.

article: Ukulele Gains Some Respect and the vid: The Ukulele Makes a Comeback
Interesting, thanks for posting, though I agree with you in that it doesn't do justice to the uke.
"It's not just octogenarians, kids and wackos"

Well, that's a relief. What with not being an octogenarian or a kid I would hate to find out that my only choice was wacko.
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