Ukulele contest: For Your Ears Only!

And so March has ended, in Hawaii also.
And so has this contest!

I will listen to the last two entries when I get a moment alone with my headphones 🙂
The last two entries in are:

@Renaissance-Man with a song written by someone he used to play with at an open mic. I assume you have his permission for using it, on the same level of formality as he guards his copyrights :LOL:, otherwise this would be copyright infringement. A well played song, with a probably too well known story. Also a song that will be interpreted different by different audiences. Union bashers would probably blame the union for the factory moving to Mexico, even if it song from a union mans perspective. Anyway, I live in a small country where a century of strong unions has in no way hindered the country for prospering well compared to so many other countries, I like the song from the narrators viewpoint 🙂.

@chris667 with a classic public domain song. Amazing that a song written in 1927 can sound fresh almost a century later! Very well played, the only downside is, that I wish I could hear your sweet performance better - had to turn up the volume a few notches. Are those quick parts triplet strums? I have never quite found the time to look into that... yet. Hope I will some time. And perhaps I will some day let this contribution inspire me to play this awesome song myself 🙂.

With these entries in, we are up to the following official contributions, in order of apperarance:
  1. xommen: "I Listen" - original song
  2. pabrizzer: "we don't hear" - original song
  3. mountain goat: "better come tie me up" - original song
  4. about2: "Kats Song" - Original instrumental piece
  5. hands_on_lanzon: "Gymnopédie No. 1" - Public domain instrumental piece
  6. bobjking: "I don't know (and I don't want to know)" - Original song
  7. Renaissance-Man: "union man" - original song by aquaintance
  8. chris667: "Let's Misbehave" - Public domain song
Now I will set the jury to work, so a winner can be found!
I hope to get the votes in time for reveal in the coming weekend.
They are - if you are interested I will make you a video. They aren't hard, if you get the fundamentals in.
Thanks Perhaps there are allready videos out there, I just never prioritized it. Right now I have very little time to play at all, it will probably be years before I have time to triple strum 😒
The important thing is to practice with the edge of a little notebook instead of the strings. You would be surprised where you can fit that sort of practice into your day.
Tell me more about this method. Sounds reasonable, I just don’t understand it.
Aaaand.... The results are in!

5 jurors have awarded points to their top 3 favorites.
The winner, making the top two of every juror, is:

- bobjking: "I don't know (and I don't want to know)" - Original song

A well deserved winner, what a great song!

@bobjking if you PM me your address, I will send your prize when I get the chance!

Thanks for some great entries everyone, they put a bit of sunshine in a rainy march!
Wow! That's amazing! Thanks a lot, Mikkel for hosting the competition and offering up such a generous prize.
Also a huge thank you to the jurors for hearing something of worth in my song.
Well done too to everyone who submitted a song, there were all great!
To say I'm chuffed is an understatement!
That's definitely brightened up another rainy Derbyshire day...
Thank you!
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