Ukulele group in South San Jose!


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Jan 21, 2023
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I started a ukulele group meeting in my backyard on some Sunday afternoons in South San Jose! Currently the group consists of my wife and me and two or three more regulars, mostly beginners. I am probably an intermediate level player with a good knowledge of music theory and chord shapes all over the fretboard.

I know of the San Jose Ukulele Club and I attended a meeting a few years' ago but the weekday meeting and the rather large size of the group did not appeal to me, hence I created one this year meeting out of my home!

We currently meet and play songs from The Beloffs' The Daily Ukulele song books and our meetings are divided into two sessions: a learning and an instruction session to start and a song play along section. I am encouraging members to start thinking about really learning the fretboard and how music and harmony is constructed.

In case anyone is interested in playing with us, please let me know and I will add you to my mailing list!

Thanks for listening.

Welcome to UU, Prashant!
I play with only a handful of people usually. Teaching others is a good way to inspire you to develop more skills yourself. Have fun and enjoy the forums too!

Greetings from the UK
Thanks for the warm welcome to UU Ms Bean!

I enjoy the camaraderie of smaller groups too, we are 6 or 7 regulars right now, small enough to hear what each of us is doing.

I find myself putting in the extra effort to practice additional skills so that we can grow together as a group!

I look forward to exploring the forums and learning new things about the ukulele.


That's great Prashant! What a wonderful way to get to know some more ukulele players in your area and yes, it's amazing what skills you work on when you're in a group vs just playing for yourself. Welcome to UU! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure!
Man, if I were still in The Bay, this would be right up my alley! I've got some learning to do as far as theory and chord shapes up the fret board. Hopefully by the time we're back in the Bay, I have it down and I'm confident enough to join a group!
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