Concert Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - 4/18/24 @ Libbey Bowl

They are going to be in Terre Haute also.
I saw them last year in Boulder, CO. I'm glad I went. However, the current touring group is not the same as the group you see in most of the UOGB youtube videos. If I am remembering correctly, only three members of that group are still touring. The UOGB is still great musically, but not as funny (in my opinion, of course).
We saw them pre-pandemic in Traverse City, MI ... they were awesome!
Just found out they will be in Troy, NY on May 3rd. I know where I'll be that night!

This will be my 3rd time seeing them.
I saw them once a couple of years ago. They are entertaining and I'm glad that I did get to see them in person once in my life. They are a lot more comic than the Hawaiian ukulele players that I would consider to be more musical.
I’ve seen them three times and loved each performance. I’m not sure founder George plays live with them much these days, and of course Co founder Kitty sadly died a few years ago, but I believe the stalwarts like Richie, and (slightly later stalwarts) Hester and Will are still going strong. I ought to go and see them again to compare the “old” with the “new”-ish 😀
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