Ukulele Shop in Bangkok, Thailand


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Jul 12, 2009
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Aloha Sawasdee krub UU,

Just want to share with you, a short video clip of the ukulele shop in Bangkok. Ukulele is becoming very popular here and I'm sure not only in Bangkok but all over the world now. My dear friend mmStan said, "This instrument opens the curtains to love and shuts the blinds to anger and hate."

Music is the universal language. Ukulele has no religion, race or nation. It's truly the instrument of love.

Keep strumming and stop by if you're here. Aloha.

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Aloha Peng,
Sawaa dee krub, ..Glad to see the shop is doing well....I got that saying from my friend Eugene ukulele's uke and wrote it on mine too ha ha....he will be please to see this too...ha ha
Happy Strummings, Your Friend, Stan
I have visited this shop and was pleasantly surprised.

THe only shop I've seen like this in the USA was in San Jose and I was the only customer in that San Jose store.

You go to this store and there is a steady stream of curious customers.

It used to be difficult to find ukes in Thailand. Not any more.
Sawasdee krub SuzukHammer,

Thanks for visiting. I didn't know that you came. I know there were some Farung (foreigners in Thai) walking in but I have no idea who is who. We got lots of customers and I'm so glad to see their smile when they strummed their first chord. Ukulele is such an amazing instrument. It brings people together.

Thanks Stan and Eugene for that cool saying. I hope to see you soon in Honolulu.