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Aug 18, 2008
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Hi everyone!

I know I'm putting this up in the regional section but I'm going to tack on my intro as well since it's my first post. My name is Jamie, I moved to San Jose last month from Detroit and now I'm doing a grad program at SJSU. I've been playing ukulele for a bit over a year now but I'm still pretty much a beginner. Love it to death though.

Anyways, I just saw an article in the Nichi Bei Times. Apparently a ukulele shop called Ukulele Source is opening in Japantown in San Jose! The grand opening is going to be on October 12 from 4 to 7 with door prizes and food and stuff. I'm definitely going and I hope I can see some of you guys there. I've yet to meet any other people who play ukulele around here!

Oh, and one more thing, I've been going to the SJSU guitar club meetings with just my ukulele, but the instructor thinks it is great. If any other SJSU people want to come along that would be awesome.
Thanks for the welcome! That event looks really fun as well. I'll make sure to go to both.
hi jamie and welcome! i had no idea that they're opening a uke store in japan town. that gives me another reason to head over there! anyways i also go to school at sjsu, but like you i havent met anyone else that plays...
woah, that's awesome

im a student at valley christain in san jose, some of my senior friends go to san jose state. Ill think about going down there. It sounds fun.
I dropped by Ukulele Source today (turns out they just opened up from a long vacation since Nov 1) to check out their selection of ukes. I would highly recommed this shop. They have a nice selection of Ohana, Kanilea, Koaloha, and Flea ukuleles. I like the look and feel of their shop and the owner, Smiley, is one friendly fellow. I spent an hour in there and about played every uke they had in stock. They even have an amp that you can plug into. I fell in love with a Kanilea K1 Concert /w elec pickup.

Anyways, if you're looking for a quality uke dealer in the area...check these guys out! ;)

I mentioned to the owner about He was a bit surprised. Maybe if enough of us mention it to the owner he can put together some sort of kick back lol
hey i go to san jose state, iive been playing for a little over a year, there aren't that many people that play the uke here.. i only know of three...
im at azusa pacific university but ive lived in san jose since i was 4, i also went to valley christian high school and i have a lot of friends at sjsu

does anyone know if theres anything going on during the christmas time? im home dec. 13-jan. 13
heck yes

i had no idea there were this many ukulele players at SJSU, or san jose even. well maybe not a lot, but much more than i thought. I'm a student there also so its way cool to know. there should be a club or something cuz i've just been jamming in the garage with my roommate and his mandolin. but i'm thinking about checking out the ukulele jams that have been happening in SJ and going down to japan town more often. they look awesome.
dam you just gotta love san jose!!! we got beer and po'boy sandwiches, hella cute girls=), a famous guitar player from san jose, and now a dedicated uke store! shoots all we need now is a really big welcome sign haha
next san jose jam sunday 21st @ The Poor House Bistro 91 S. Autumn Street, San Jose checkout out my profile for pics from the last 2.
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