Ukulele stand recommendations?

I don't use the plastic "A" type stand anymore since I also watched a soprano ukulele fall off in what seemed like slow motion.
I now use a stand similar to Arcy's which works well, but one of the reviewers showed a picture of finish problems the pads left on his guitar. Does anyone know what's best for not harming the finish and also holds the ukulele well?

Some of the reasons why I seldom use a stand. I like to lay them down on a cloth.
I bought this guitar stand (taller than the uke model for $149) and ordered the uke holder from the company ($11 included shipping) and love it. It is at a convenient height where I do not have to worry about someone (like me) accidentally kicking it. It is aesthetically pleasing and displays the uke as well as holds the uke securely and is portable. I use it everytime I put the uke down.

Wow! Those are outstanding!
As you can see I like uke stands, kinda have a bit of a thing for them. I have five different types and I have displayed them most stable and favorite to least from left to right. The upright neck Cradle is super stable and adjusts up and down from soprano to baritone. I own three of them. Next is the Hercules that Besley and Counter mentioned, it folds flat so very handy and if I could only own one this might be it. The black plastic Hola that others dont like is one I use all the time for travel. Folds really compact and with some care is stable enough for temporary use. The Cooper is a more costly all wood version and the Kala is ok.

I built this to hold 4 ukes. I modified a plan I found online. I’ve since added a pocket on the side to hold a Risa tenor stick.

Very nice. Looks stable and practical. What size pipe did you use? Pipe insulation for protection? Any suggestions for dimensions? Might try that myself.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Here is an unusual guitar stand that can be used for ukulele. It is called a "D'Angle" from John Pearse ( I owe one. It is not suitable for all situations, but for home use, it is safe and secure to use.
I rather like the Hola! folding stand:

Amazon Link

It is pretty cheap, and folds up nice to fit into a bag for carrying to a strum or workshop.

I bought this one too. Don't have a tenor but works well with soprano and concerts. I like that it folds up. Too big to put in a case pocket, but easy to toss into a backpack or bag
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Very nice. Looks stable and practical. What size pipe did you use? Pipe insulation for protection? Any suggestions for dimensions? Might try that myself.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Here is a link to the original plans. My modifications are noted in the first, and only, comment.
That’s wicked, you can hang them upside down and they don’t fall out:p

Sorry I couldn’t help myself. It looks real nice, nothing like wood for a wooden instrument

They don’t call Australia down under for nothing, I don’t know why the picture is upside down.
I've tried several stands and most of them I now just use at home. For going out and about, I've settled on these. They fold down compact but are sturdy and the height is adjustable. Mine came from Amazon UK.


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Here is my list - I play concert & longneck soprano

At home in my office - Kala wooden stand as referenced in post #2
On occasions at jams - Hola fold-up plastic as referenced in post #8 - Least favorite
At jams - Similar to the String Swing as referenced in post #4 - attached to my music stand - very handy.
At church - A hodgepodge guitar stand/ukulele stand that holds my uke up off the ground, because I have a cable plugged into my pick-up.
I use a Pub Prop attached to my desk at home and it works great for hanging the small ukes. I gave a couple of them to uking friends and they get positive reviews all around.
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