Ukulele Suburbia! The Ukulele Group of Chicago's South Suburbs!: Newspaper article


Feb 3, 2010
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Chicago IL & Spokane WA
Aloha All ~

My new ukulele group, Ukulele Suburbia is a once-a-month meeting/session which began this January 2013.

By our February meeting, the Chicago SouthtownStar newspaper (a Chicago Sun-Times publication), wrote a story on us that was just published yesterday. :D Here's the link:
There's also a short video clip and photo gallery.

Though the name, 'Ukulele Suburbia', is not mentioned in the article, the reporter does mention 'Ukulele Group of Chicago's South Suburbs'.

Our meetings have been very sucessful, drawing folks from as far away as NW Indiana-to-Plainfield and Oak Park. RSVP is a MUST due to space.

Our February session is nearly full. If you want to join, please email me at: Like last month, I'll have a waiting list in case (and it's happened) someone drops out and a space opens up.

Looking forward to meeting new folks!

Aloha & Mahalo ~
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