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Ukulele Underground Rules

The rules apply to all areas of Ukulele Underground. They are here to ensure that UU is a safe and enjoyable place.

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  1. Golden Rule
  2. General Conduct - Please Do
  3. General Conduct - Please Don't
  4. Membership Accounts
  5. Posting Links
  6. Appeals for Donations
  7. UU Contests Section Rules
  8. Marketplace - Buying and Selling Guidelines

All members are equal. Your fame/experience/expertise does not give you the right to disregard the golden rule.

2) General Conduct - Please do:
2.1 Stay on topic.
2.2 Post when you have something to say rather than to just make noise. A cluttered forum is more difficult to manage and moderate.
2.3 Check your ego at the door. If you are already an accomplished player, please help your fellow Ukulele Underground members grow in their musical journeys by answering questions and sharing knowledge. Remember that we were all beginners once, and how grateful we were when someone took the time to teach us a few chords or a song.
2.4 Keep criticism constructive and tactful.
2.5 Promote friendship and tolerance.
2.6 Contact your moderator team in the event of conflict or dispute, rather than being drawn into arguments and heated exchanges.
2.7 Be cool, be respectful, be kind.
2.8 Have fun!

3) General Conduct - Please Don't:
3.1 Post insults.
3.2 Post anything promoting or expressing racism, homophobia, bigotry or other idiotic hating. People are people and variety is cool.
3.3 Post pornography or shock/gore material, or links to such material.
3.4 Post about politics, or include political discussion in comments
3.5 Post offensive things. Occasional profanity may be tolerated, but if it isn't necessary please consider not using it.
3.6 Troll, or start threads that might seem calculated to cause trouble or get locked down.
3.7 Bash artists.
3.8 Start threads to criticize moderator decisions such as bans and thread closures. If you have concerns over the way UU is run, then please contact us by private message.

4) Membership Accounts:
4.1 Members may only have one active account/username, unless approved by an administrator. Creating additional accounts or aliases without admin approval is not allowed and may result in the offender being banned. If you have a problem logging into your account, please contact mods or admin rather than creating another account.
4.2 Banned individuals are not permitted to rejoin under new identities. Where we believe that we have identified a banned individual accessing the board under a new account, that account will be deleted.

5) Posting Links:
5.1 You may post links to items that you think may be of interest to your fellow members, but please do not post links to your own business, or other for-profit website in which you may have an interest, except in your forum signature or in the "Shameless Self-Promotion" section.
5.2 Please keep links to your personal/hobby website in your forum signature.

6) Appeals for Donations:
6.1 Unauthorized threads soliciting donations are not allowed; If you have a charity or cause to promote, please contact us.

7) UU Contests Section Rules:
7.1 Linking to external websites for contests in this section is against the rules. Please keep links to external contests in the Links and Videos section. Contest threads are acceptable only if the contest is run in the UU forums.
There are three components that your contest must contain in order to adhere to the rules. These three components are:

  • Your contest announcement must be on UU.
    If your contest is related to an external site, you may also post the announcement there, with a link back to UU.
  • Your contest's entries are posted to UU.
    This is the most important factor to remember when deciding if your contest adheres to our rules. If your contest accepts entries posted elsewhere, including YouTube, your contest does not adhere to the rules. Your contest must only accept entries posted on UU.
  • The winner(s) of your contest must be announced on UU.
    If your contest is related to an external site, you may also post the announcement of the winners there, with a link back to UU.
If your contest does not follow the above rules, your thread may be locked and/or deleted without warning.

8) Marketplace - Buying and Selling:
If you wish to sell anything in the Marketplace, providing the following in your post is a good idea:

  1. A picture or pictures of the actual ukulele being sold, not a stock photo of the model;
  2. The reason you are selling the instrument;
  3. Your price and terms (shipping and handling, etc.).

To increase the chances of selling your ukulele, you may also provide the following:

  • A video and/or audio sample of the ukulele being being sold;
  • A time-stamped picture with "Ukulele Underground" and your username written on a piece of paper in front of the ukulele.

Another suggestion - trying to sell something in one of your first posts is generally frowned upon, and may result in a more difficult sale. Members may request additional pictures and time-stamps from new members. Remember, YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING IF YOU DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT BUYING IT.

All that being said, the above suggestions are not rules. They are guidelines. Including the above in your post will greatly increase the chances of selling your ukulele, but if you choose not to include them, you will not be penalized by UU. Rules to follow below.

There are three Marketplace rules:

  1. Please do not post links or otherwise direct people to your eBay auction. This subsection is intended for member-to-member transactions only, sans middle man. If you would like to announce your eBay auction, please do so in the "Shameless Self-Promotion" subsection.
  2. The Marketplace is for:
    1) Member-to-member private sales which form no part of a business
    2) Sole luthiers who personally make all the instruments they sell.
    Please note: Larger manufacturers employing additional builders may not sell in the Marketplace. Dealers may not sell in the Marketplace. If you wish to start a thread about your business, you may do so in the "Shameless Self-Promotion" subsection.
  3. Certain items are unsuitable for trade through UU. The following are prohibited and may not be mentioned, even in hints or code, in the context of trading on this forum:
    > weapons (including, but not only, firearms, knives, bows/crossbows, stun guns and martial arts weapons)
    > drugs or medicines
    > any item the trading/selling of which is subject to legal regulation or control, including items such as tortoiseshell, wood, and other things covered by the CITES convention.

* * * * * * * * * *​

PLEASE NOTE: Moderators can, and may, delete/edit posts, delete/lock threads and/or suspend/ban members for violations of the rules.

Thanks for respecting our rules.
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