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Feb 15, 2016
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Twin Cities Area, Minnesota
Hello! Following the rules of the Ukulele Marketplace here on UU, I am posting this in the “Links and Videos” area of UU.

A long story made very short: I started reviewing ukuleles as a hobby some time ago, trying to take a different approach from Barry Maz, but trying to add another “voice” to the field as well. Along the way of more than 100 reviews (, I have amassed a collection, not from ”hoarding” but simply wanting to keep ukuleles around in the event that I would need to compare them to another model. Some models are sent to me (I have always disclosed this in a video, but also now add YouTube’s “paid promotion” setting), others are ukuleles I buy, used or new. And my small channel, while slowly growing, earns about $30 a month…and I also block the mid-roll ads that are annoying to me (though I am sure generate more income). That said, life has been busy, and though I have a stack of ukuleles to review, I’m adjusting my schedule to try to post one video every other week rather than the hectic pace of creating a play along video, tutorial, and reviews (long format UkeGuide review and One Minute Review) in a weekly basis.

It has been time to sell many of these for a while; I donate a number of ukuleles that just aren’t worth selling to my students (I am an elementary music teacher) and currently have a stack of 10 ukuleles that I’m giving away—often times instruments that I’ve been able to repair (if you ever have similar ukuleles that you’d like to see given away to a student, reach out to me). But others I am going to resell…which will help me buy other ukuleles to review and then help reimburse for the cost of ukuleles that I buy for review. And I’m going to put a percentage of sales aside for my last couple of “dream” ukuleles (Blackbird Clara and a Kamaka HF 2 of some kind).

I’ve been selling on Facebook, which seems to be a great way to do so…as Facebook charges a 5% selling fee, and then adds shipping, at a set price. I talked about this on my channel, and a number of people asked for a list of the instruments I am selling, so I thought I would post it here (thus the “Links and Videos” section). I can sell off Facebook (no commitment there) and reduce prices 5% (as Facebook no longer needs that fee). Shipping will remain the same however (and might even cost more to me without Facebook‘s negotiated shipping). I’ve been finding that most boxes are in the range of 5 to 7 pounds.

So…here’s the list. Many are that entry level/first/second ukuleles. I wiil try to keep the list updated, and I have a lot of ukuleles to sell over time…and more to add in the future. Eventually, this post will be long outdated…but if you have Facebook, you can check to see if the items are still available. If not, send me a message here (I’ll try to check!) and I’ll get back to you!

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