Unwound Low G on a Risa Solid Concert "Stick" Uke?

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Mar 13, 2013
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Hello all,

I have read all the reviews and seen the videos and am almost convinced that I must have a Risa Solid Concert. You know, this one:

But I want to put an unwound Low G on this thing and I can't find evidence that that has been tried. Does anyone know if this is possible? Has anyone tried?

I would recommend the new Aquila reds.
I've had a low g set on my Epi LP for three weeks, really like them.

I've had a Risa tenor stick for 10 years.
Trust me, if you feel like you need one, you do.
You won't be sorry.
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Just ask RIgk SAuer which one he would recommend.....
Contact details are on his website
Out of the three, personally I would go for Aquila-Red low G.
The other two are quite floppy and impractical (and yes, I've tried them).

For low-G at all, I would consider getting the tenor.
The longer scale is better suited to the thicker string.
@kissing: I appreciate the advice, but I'm going with the Concert to help with playability. I have some carpal tunnel issues so trying to make it as easy to play as possible (had to give up guitar years ago after starting my career as a computer desk jockey). I haven't tried a Risa of course but with acoustic ukes, the tenor finger stretches are not comfortable to me plus the higher tension means having to "mash harder", also not good.

The reason I want a low G is cuz I can't get my head around that reentrant tuning. My daughters have Lanikai sopranos and I just can't play them - too small, too high action, and moving my finger down and having the sound go up just drives me nuts! :)

I "pulled the trigger" and placed my order with Ukulele World this morning. I also ordered a 2-pack of the Aquila-Red low Gs. Mr. Turner (Roy) had recommended those as well. It comes strung with Worths so we'll see. Maybe I'll end up replacing the whole set.
Ahh I see..
Well, having played Risa's, I'll tell you that they're just about the best setup ukes I've ever played.
The action is slick and comfortable as they get.

If you don't like the Worth low-G, you can *just* change the low-G to Aquila and leave the others.
They should blend somewhat OK.
Great ukes - Can't see why you would have any trouble with an unwound low G - I personally would try Living Water low G set. Personally wouldn't like the idea of Aquila on a uke like this (just my opinion, please dont shoot me!) - but it comes with Worths on it - and they really help the very very sweet clear tone the pickup creates. I just reckon Aquilas would over drive it.
+1 on the Living Waters

And AFAIK the RISA strings are basically just Worths, so no surprise both feel similar....

I wonder how long it will take for someone to mention Southcoast - for sure they'll have a suitable set ;)
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my low G experience

I recently purchased a Koalana concert and asked for it to be strung with low G. The low G I received was a wound string. I hated the wound string it sounded so boomy and out of place compared to the lovely sleek feel and tone of the Worth clears that came with the instrument. I called Hawaii Music Supply who sent me a set of Worth Clears with the low G. Zach explained that they have a spool of wound low G and use that when a customer requests low G.

After I adjusted my strum, I have to say that the wound low G did not bother me so much. I got used to it after 10 days. However, since the Worth unwound low G arrived in the mail I restrung it (and being a newbie it was a bit of a chore). Worth low G sounds a bit boomy as well so I guess it's a low G phenom. Again I have to adjust my strum. Overall I like the low G sound.

I haven't yet enjoyed the feel of the Worth because .... it's not yet settled so I have to retune every few minutes. Secondly my thumb is feeling unpleasant from rubbing against a hard string. I'm wondering if that too is a low G phenom or am I already tender from that wound low G.

I heard that Aquilla low G feels like sandpaper. I agree with another poster about Aquillas. I wouldn't put them on a high quality uke. They made my Mahalo sound great (for a Mahalo), but think Worth's are more worthy for solid wood.

BTW, I tried to purchase a lone Worth low G but couldn't find any. I still want one now that I have a G-less set of Worths.
I hope I didn't hijack your agenda here. Low G has been on my mind for the past few days. I'll be watching this thread.
Uh-oh, what did I do wrong?!? I just tried to install the low G - Aquilla Red as Ukulele World doesn't carry Worth any more. It went on fairly easily, got it tuned up using my Korg tuner, and started strumming, fairly gently. Of course it kept going flat so i kept nudging it up as needed. It wasn't 5 minutes before it snapped! :mad: Roy had sent 2 so I put the other one on - 5 minutes - snapped again! :mad: :-( :-(

Luckily the high G Worth had enough slack that I was able to restring it so I'm not totally stuck, but dang.

I wasn't plugged in so I can't comment on the tone of the string, but I agree with the comment above about the sandpaper feel - not that bad but noticeably much rougher than the Worths. I guess I'll see about ordering some Worths but don't want the same thing to happen again.
Uh-oh, what did I do wrong?!? I just tried to install the low G - Aquilla Red
There were a couple of threads here in the forums about the Aquila red series and snapping probs - search will for sure come up with them.....

There were some issues with the first series of these strings (some related to the strings, some to wrong usage), but I haven't read it all (being a happy Living Water user).
Quick update: I couldn't stand it. I *had* to have a low G *TODAY* :) So the only thing available locally was a set of D'addario Titanium Concert. But for $4.99, I figured it would be worth it to try the "just tune down the C string" trick. I put on the 3rd string as my low G. It is way thicker than the Worth C (and even thicker than the Aquila Red low G!) but it does work. It's a little floppy but it'll work until I can get a Worth replacement.
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