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Sep 15, 2013
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Seems not very many people look at the bass forum, so I thought I would post this here. As some of you may know, I've been dealing with nerve damage to my neck spinal cord from radiation treatments for Hodgkins lymph cancer in 1973, making it difficult to play many of my bass ukes, except the RondoMusic 21" scale Hadean violin/Hofner style they sell. I sold all my others and have been regularly replacing them with the Hadean.

I have them modified by Eric's Guitar and painted by Pat Wilkins, both in Van Nuys, CA. I recently found out that Rondo will not be carrying them soon, which prompted me to buy two more, bringing the total to fourteen, down from the thirty-one other types I accumulated in the last ten years. I like my instruments to look different from each, Pat does a great job with that, and Eric does a great job of replacing the limited floating wood bridge that has a wonky piezo pickup, with a fully adjustable metal bridge that has piezo pickups in each saddle, which plugs into the existing active preamp, plus even more modifications.

This is where my collection stands, which might be where it stays. The ones that still need to be worked on are labelled Mockup, they're sitting in the shipping boxes tucked away, the others are hanging on my music room/office wall. I also have six thinline tenor cutaway ukes, which replaced eight standard depth ukes for the same reason of being most comfortable for me to play now.

Bass Collection 14.jpg
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Nice looking variety, in color and design. Congratulations too, on being a long-term cancer survivor. Your collection and life are both awesome. :)
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