Use & implication of low-g on soprano?

I think Izzy switched his C string with his G string. He used standard strings but used the thickest ( the C string ) for his G string.

As I understand it, he didn't "switch" them (per se), but rather, he shuffled and detuned (or "slacked") them as follows:

C string (#3) becomes the G string (#4)
G string (#4) becomes the E string (#2)
E string (#2) becomes the C string (#3), and
A string (#1) remains the A string (#1)
Flea Flicker: That would be very interesting to try, thank you! It's just my opinion, but as for Aquilas, I stay away from them altogether. They can make a cheap uke sound better, but on a good uke they only color the quality of the instrument. I would stick with Worths.
Ernie Ball Ball End Low G Ukulele Strings (Clear or Black Nylon) sound amazing on a Soprano Ukulele for Low G Tuning because the 4th String is actually 80/20 Bronze Wound to give more clarity. The Ball ends also make restringing a snap plus they increase the break angle of the strings over the saddle.
On recommendation from someone here on UU I tried the "detuned" low g on an Aklot concert uke and it really opened the uke up.
C string (#3) becomes the G string (#4)
G string (#4) becomes the E string (#2)
E string (#2) becomes the C string (#3), and
A string (#1) remains the A string (#1)
Tim notes for us that it's actually in our favour re monetization when we reinvigorate old threads. Plus if it's of interest, that's ok too!

I’ve learned a lot from zombie threads. Why reinvent the wheel, when the knowledge, advice, or whatever is out there in the past?

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This thread is definitely not one of those. Yeah, it started in 2011, but all the information is still good, and folks are now adding more good information.

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The top 4 strings from a Classical String set might make a good Low G Ukulele string set (Ernie Ball Low G Ukulele strings). The Wound Low G Ukulele string should easily fit in the 4th string slot w/o any issues.
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