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Every level of player can take part, thanks to onscreen chords, with Ukulele Underground founder Aldrine Guerrero offering strumming, playing, and soloing tips for everyone from the newest beginner to the most advanced ukulele masters! With the help of Aaron "The Voice" Nakamura (aka @anaka), Kahai "The Legend" Furugen, and special guests including Funkmaster Mike Odo, @Brittni Paiva, and many more, you'll level up while laughing, playing, and singing along!

The songs come from the Ukulele Song Library, which you can find in the "Learn" menu at the top of this page, or via this direct link.

Tune in live every other Friday at 1 PM HST, or go here for the complete list of nearly 300 weekly live jams!


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January 20, 2023 Jam Replay​

Songs Played in the Jam:
( Click on the Links to go to the Lesson )
0:28 Jam Intro
2:10 Tropical Hawaiian Day (Ka`au Crater Boys)
8:05 Shout-Out Song
13:55 How Can I Get Over (The Chantells/Pure Heart)
21:05 Bring Me Your Cup (UB40/Pure Heart)
29:05 Crazy Without You (Lawai`a/Pure Heart)
41:40 Kokeʻe (Dennis Kamakahi/
47:40 Come On, Let's Go/Hey Baby (Ritchie Valens/Bruce Channel/Pure Heart)

Tropical Hawaiian Day
How Can I Get Over
Bring Me Your Cup
Crazy Without You

Songs Played in the Jam:
( Click on the Links to go to the Lesson )
0:10 Jam Intro
4:10 Tropical Hawaiian Day (Ka`au Crater Boys)
13:20 Shout-Out Song
22:50 Redemption Song (Robert Nesta Marley)
34:35 Arthur (Ziggy Marley)
42:25 Opihi Man (Ka`au Crater Boys)
51:05 Rainbow Connection (Kermit)
1:01:25 One Day Soon (Ernie Cruz Jr.)

Tropical Hawaiian Day
Redemption Song
Opihi Man
Rainbow Connection
One Day Soon

Okay, can I say that I LOVE getting shouted out for complimenting Aldrine's shiny new UU shirt? 🤣 One of the coolest things to ever happen to me!

Also, I really dug Rainbow Connection in particular! Wasn't expecting it, always love hearing it, and a nice, accessible arrangement! Thanks, fellas!
I really enjoyed this one! This was the first time in a couple of years of watching to make a request -- Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard -- and he slayed in ways I can hardly describe.

For one, he dropped a life-changing tip: there's a fast change between D and E that was tripping me up, and he noted that you can just move the D shape two frets down, leaving the A string open. (An Eadd11, I think?) He's right, it sounds great!

Two, talking about sounding great, you're never going to be the same after you hear Aldrine's towering whistling solo. Seriously. Never. Gonna. Be. The. Same. 🤣

I also especially dug Happy Together. This is another one I was kinda overthinking. There's a lot to be said for dropping the hammer and just going for it, which I typically have huge issues with. An autism thing, I think? Spontaneity is Unpleasant If Not Painful. I like watching it though, kinda like science fiction -- nothing that could possibly happen to me, but an entertaining fantasy. But I've tried this song often enough that this helped me at least bump it up a notch.

And as always, beyond the specific songs, it's such a pleasure watching and hearing Aldrine, @anaka and @Kahai work their hilarity and musical magic. I know that live jams seem intentionally ephemeral, but I love these so much. 🤙🥰🥑

August 11, 2023 Jam Replay
Songs Played in the Jam:
( Click on the Links to go to the Lesson )
0:35 Jam Intro
3:20 Drop Baby Drop (Mana'o Company)
21:15 Shout-Out Song
32:30 Take on Me (A-Ha)
40:25 Aloha `Oe (Queen Lili'uokalani)
47:05 All I Have to Offer You is Me (Charley Pride/Ka`au Crater Boys)
52:45 Put a Little Love (Natural Vibration)
1:01:55 Harana (Parokya ni Edgar)
1:07:15 Hollywood (Los Lonely Boys)

Drop Baby Drop
Take on Me
Aloha `Oe
All I Have to Offer You is Me

Thanks for busting out Harana! It's an old favorite and it's been so long since I've heard it. Your translated version is dope! So cool that you got to cruise with Parokya, play 'em your version, and they approved!
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