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Dec 18, 2013
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Molokai, Hawaii
Anyone else gave trouble getting a response from group admins regarding applications on Fbook...waiting a week already
Depends on the group. They're mostly volunteers for the specialized groups. It's dependent upon their available time.
Trust me, UU on Fbook is not nearly as interesting or useful as these forums.
The last post on UU FB page is dated Aug 2019. I have liked the page and it is not very active. It is only inactive because the 65 users who have liked the page don't contribute much and seem to wait for someone else (including me), which is the way of some FaceBook groups.

I think they are focussing on the YouTube podcast more now. I suggest posting this question on the YouTube channel, but ask in a different format. Instead of asking why you have not had a response, ask them for a status update on the FaceBook page. I think you will get a better answer that way. I have seen the podcasts and interviews where they talk about this forum. They are happy to let UU run and be relatively free without interfering or constantly monitoring for comments, although they will look at threads of interest to them, maybe just like other UU members do. Their current main channel of public communication seems to be the YouTube podcast.
The OP said he was trying to join the UU FB group, which is different from a page. FB is confusing. The UU FB group gets several posts every day, though almost all beginner level and self-promotion.
I belong to a Facebook bass uke group and find Facebook to be the most cumbersome, poorly implemented interface I've ever encountered, and I designed web sites. This forum runs circles around it. I try to get those members to sign up here and use the Bass forum, but people get very stuck in their ways and can't make the change.

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