UU Fantasy Football---Year 3

I guess so. Which is a shame, I was looking forward to my new uke.

Yeah not everyone was down with adding gambling. Next year we will make allparties involvedaware prior to joining. That way there will be no confusion. We may even be able to have 2 leagues with all the interest we garnered this year.
You win this round, Eller. Be certain that I will install some new coverages for next time we do battle.
My team had a good showing this week, but I always seem to get everyone else's best efforts. Who would've thought Steelers D would net me -3 points.
Finger Pickin Good is practicing extra hard this week and we're gonna put up a W. Watch out The Force, I'm not afraid of Aaron Rogers or your cute dog avatar (insert tasteless I have M Vick joke here). Actually, I am afraind of Aaron Rogers, he's a fantasy beast.
You guys should see the view from up here, it is amazing.

I don't expect to be here long. My best receiver out till week 6, best rb prob out for the year and my qb has a punctured lung and cracked ribs. Time to look to the waivers.
Sheesh. I am stinking up the place.
LOL!! My team laid a stink bomb. Well my 2nd RB and all my WRs. I don't think I broke 80 this week:(
And for that, I thank you.

I was feeling pretty good coming off my first win, but then I saw that next week, I go up against the only undefeated team in the league.
My team sucks this week. I need Baltimore D to get about 42 points. They have got 30 somthing this year.
My Baltimore receiver vs. Johns Baltimore receiver. 13 pt lead. Gonna be a close one...

OK. Your team exploded last week. I thought I had this game in the books. Then, Buress catches 3 TDs??? Seriously. He had 25 yds but 3 TDs. Then Kasey was a extra point machine for the saints.
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