UU Playalongs UU Fingerstyle: "Blue Christmas" (Elvis Presley)

Ukulele Underground playalong videos, with Aldrine Guerrero

We don't want you to have a Blue Christmas without UU, so we're offering up a fun fingerstyle song for you to learn! Originally recorded by Doye O'Dell in 1948, Elvis version wouldn't be heard until his 1967 Christmas EP. What started off as a Country Holiday Staple, Elvis' rendition became known for the additional "Blues" note that gives it it's more classic rock-and-roll feel. Elvis himself is quoted as saying that this is his Favorite Christmas song of the one's he's recorded.

Ed note: This playalong is for the instrumental version tutorial, part of UU+, so you'll need to subscribe (or take advantage of the free trial offer!) to get the tabs and instruction video with multiple angles.

Please also note that it's only the fingerstyle tutorials that are subscription-only at UU+. That free trial will give you a chance to check out all of those, plus hundreds of lessons in the UU+ Courses. The 300+ strum-and-sing tutorials are available to everyone, and we'll be posting more of those here in the UU forums as we can too, so be sure to check 'em out!


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