UU withdrawls

mani saguana

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Sep 21, 2008
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San jose, CA
My laptops hard drive died in november so havent really been on the forum much.
I hope I can get it fixed soon
i got three words for you: Public Library :)

or go to a friends house haha. say its important and it cant wait.

hope you get things fixed
My Macbook's HD crashed on Friday. I would have replaced it myself, but it's Bluetooth was frakked for the 3rd freaking time. The queue? 2 WEEKS!! Apple products are so bad, that they have a two week turnaround after the holidays to fix the stuff that should have been working in the first place.

So for the meantime it's to the ancient PC running Linux - whose motto is "Almost Works!" :(

Yeah, I'm frustrated, so you know I really really do feel your pain.
hope u get it fixed... when my computer loads slow im grabbing the screen and banging it against walls

so yeah, i wud hate for mi computer to be in service for that long

hope it gets fixed ;)
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