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Mim and I are looking at starting up the Tuesday after Labor Day which would be September 6th and going until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving which would be November 22nd. How does that sound to everyone else?
Sounds good to me. I'm in regardless. I noticed pretty much all but a couple have dropped off the spring thing. Not much activity. I hope it is better for the fall session.
Did the unofficial spring session just go away? Is there anyone else even here? Why do I keep hearing crickets chirping?
Chirp chirp.. Still around... and yup my legs still rub together. (damn!)

Hahaha! That cracked me up!

I am still here as well. Between UWC and other craziness going on in my life I had just been coasting. And I sort of told myself I would allow myself a little break at UWC... but I wanted to be back on the horse right after. But life gets in the way. Gained a few lbs back, but have "gotten back on the wagon" as of this week. Basically life has been so hectic and I pass by 5 fast food places on the way to work... so yeah... that is my weakness. And I dont eat much there, but it just is so bad for you. And I have found my bad eating does not show up on the scale for a few days. So I become complacant for a few days and then regret it when it all comes back at once.

So since we are all about full-disclosure, the lowest weight I had reported on here was 148 I think, then after UWC I was teetering between 153-155. Sigh. So, I am back down to 151. Trying to concentrate on the long-term and a slow-and-steady type thing. Did my P90X last night for the first time in 2 months. Have decided I am going to do ONLY the weight lifting days for now. On the cardio days I will just plan an activity with my kids that involves some sort of cardio workout. Like going swimming and using the adult swim time to swim laps rather than lounge around. I found the P90X plyometrics jump-y type stuff aggrivated a condition I have that would then de-motivate me. So, hopefully by scaling back and not being such a perfectionist with it I can see long-term results of the firmness and what-not. And also I hope to find some new outdoorsy type stuff that will be fun to do!

Something else too... I was "used" to the way I looked 20 lbs ago, so when I lost 20 I was like "I look good!" Now... I am "used" to the way I look now and I realize I need to not make this the new norm because I could look and feel even better. Does that make sense?

Got that cruise coming up in January. It is 26 weeks away. My goal is 21 lbs away. So if I lose a pound a week I will be where I want to be by then and maybe even a little more. So that is what I am shooting for. The first week back is always really rewarding... but I am trying to focus on the long term. Been keeping a food diary and sharing it. That helps a lot too because #1 I skip over some of my usual bad things because I dont want to write it down and admit I had just eaten that and #2 When it is on paper I realize... boy, I got to fix some bad habits. Is it there in black and white. Mainly eating very little in the morning and then not remembering to eat until like 2 pm. Thinking of setting an alarm on my phone so that I remember to eat something every few hours.

Ok... that is my update/thoughts for now! What have you guys been up to?
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