UUBL: Fall 2011 Edition - Final Results in!


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Dec 26, 2009
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Floyd, Virginia!
UUBL is Ukulele Underground Biggest Loser!

Give yourself the gift of a new healthy body by Christmas!!!

Its basically setup to be just like the TV version of UUBL, however instead of being "Kicked Out" if you have a bad week, you stay in for the duration!

And instead of $, you win... A UKULELE!

Win a Kala Soprano Travel Uke

We Thank Rick at

for donating this uke for our competition!

This uke came to us via Tim (aka Ukeeku)! Check out Ukeeku.com

and his review here!​

The "Rules"
1. weight loss based on percentage of starting weight.
2. weight in good ole Pounds ( Online weight conversion with an impressive array of units to choose from. )
3. contest to go from August 21 - November 21 (the Monday before Thanksgiving)
4. weights taken once a week, at the same time (can be Saturday or Sunday) and reported before 9pm Sunday. Results posted Monday morning. If you miss the weigh-in, send in your numbers when you can and I will add them to the spreadsheet as soon as possible!
5. weigh ins are recorded by pictures of your scale
6. contestants will be encouraged to keep a daily blog of the experience and to discuss! This will help, believe me.

If anyone is interested in donating prizes for mid-round prizes, please let me know!

I asked Shane, aka Ukeshale, a personal fitness trainer, if he would be willing to give fitness advice to anyone needing help. He is very happy to offer his advice and expertise on the subject! He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been very helpful to UUBLers in the past including myself!

How do I sign up?
Let me know in this thread!

You in?
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Weekly Prizes:
*These prizes are to be awarded to the UUBLer that loses the most % for the week! To qualify, your numbers must be submitted by 12pm the Sunday before! This way, hopefully we can keep our numbers current and keep us UUBLers motivated! If you are interested in donating a prize post here, or contact Mim!

August 29: Set of Strings (HaoleJohn) *CONGRATS KENIKAS*
September 5: Tuner (Mim) *CONGRATS PROVINES*
September 12: Bone Nut & Saddle (Tudorp) *CONGRATS UKULELEHILL*
September 19: Tiki King UKE sticker (Hidden Cross)*CONGRATS MIM*
September 26: Voctoria Vox CD (ckellogg) *CONGRATS KVOWENS89*
October 3: NAMM Pres bag with a few things inside (Mim) *CONGRATS TUDORP & KVOWENS89*
October 10: Jake Shimubukuro CD, "Sunday Morning," (mds725) *CONGRATS KENIKAS*
October 17: Ukulele Bowl (Haole John) *BWRIGHT*
October 24: Bone Nut & Saddle (Tudorp) *PUEO*
October 31: T-shirt or Tuner (Mim) *SUSIEA*
November 7: String Set of Choice (southcoastukes) *PAULBSA*
November 14: Voctoria Vox Songbook (ckellogg) *BWRIGHT*
November 21: Various Uke Related Goodies/ Stickers, etc. (Mim) *BWRIGHT*

If you make it to the ring Set of Choice (southcoastukes)
end, Chindog is donating a ukulele stick figure car decal to those who make it!

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I'm in! (gobbles doughnut) I have to get ready for the initial weigh in!
Starts August 21!
Until Thanksgiving!

You in?

Give yourself a new body for Christmas!

Prize: Soprano Kala Travel Uke
(and the satisfaction of weight lost and health gained)

Judged be % lost!

More info soon!

I may be a bit dim, what what is UUBL?
I'm in!

I'm going for performance and body composition rather than "weight loss" though.
Sign me up Lil' Sister.... ;)
I'm in!

Count me in!
Yep.. Count me in.. I need to lose a few pounds..
I am so glad to see the mix of old and new faces! This is going to be a great round people! Hopefully we will get some more people on board. The more the merrier... and more motivation!!!
As per our UWC convo.. I'm out this round... (dropping the immediate weight of the baby once I have him wouldn't be fair, and additionally, Its not healthy to diet while preggo! hehe)

BUT, I'll be in the cheering section!

and, I'll be in for the spring session :)
Good luck UUBL'ers!
I'm in. I've been craving that kala soprano for some time now. And boy does some weight need to come off. Are there any stickers or magnets of this lovely uku for me to post on the frig?
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