UUBL: Spring 2012 Edition!


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Dec 26, 2009
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Floyd, Virginia!
UUBL: New Year 2012 Edition!

UUBL is Ukulele Underground Biggest Loser!

Give yourself the gift of a new healthy body for 2012!!!

Its basically setup to be just like the TV version of UUBL, however instead of being "Kicked Out" if you have a bad week, you stay in for the duration!

And instead of $, you win... A UKULELE!

Uke won dependant upon optional entry fee!
We are asking that anyone who wants to, if you can contribute $5 towards a joint pot, I will pitch in the time, shipping, and you wll be able to choose at dealer cost (no profit made by me) a uke of your choice! If we can get $5 from everyone we will be in the "Really nice solid wood uke" category! Send your entry fee to via paypal to mimontheuke@aol.com

The "Rules"
1. weight loss based on percentage of starting weight.
2. weight in good ole Pounds ( Online weight conversion with an impressive array of units to choose from. )
3. contest to go for 12 weeks January 7th - March 31st!
4. weights taken once a week, at the same time (can be Saturday or Sunday) and reported before 9pm Sunday. Results posted Monday morning. If you miss the weigh-in, send in your numbers when you can and I will add them to the spreadsheet as soon as possible!
5. weigh ins are recorded by pictures of your scale. Send number to uubl@nightgig.com
6. contestants will be encouraged to keep a daily blog of the experience and to discuss! This will help, believe me.

If anyone is interested in donating prizes for mid-round prizes, please let me know!

I asked Shane, aka Ukeshale, a personal fitness trainer, if he would be willing to give fitness advice to anyone needing help. He is very happy to offer his advice and expertise on the subject! He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been very helpful to UUBLers in the past including myself!

How do I sign up?
Let me know in this thread!

You in?
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1. Matimeo: String set of your choice from Just Strings.com *CONGRATS EFICELLA*
2. ckellogg: "Ukulele Pleasures" by William Pelz, Book 1. Copyright 1954 *CONGRATS DKCROWN*
3. Pueo: Book or Strings (he is figuring it out) *CONGRATS PALLUMUS*
4. Tudorp: Tenor (possibly Concert) Aquila string set *CONGRATS COLEHOLE (KAIZERSOUSA)*
5. mds725: Jake Shimabukuro's "Peace Love Ukulele" CD *CONGRATS COLEHOLE*
6. Hidden Cross: Dean Markley stick on piezo pick-up *CONGRATS MARYMAC*
7. Sporin: Uke Mafia Stickers *CONGRATS RAECARTER*
8. Pueo: Ko'olau strings *CONGRATS RYROD*
9. MaryMac: Daniel Ho "Polani" CD and Book *CONGRATS EFISCELLA*
10.Mim: Eddy Finn Tuner *CONGRATS HWMNBN*
11. Kenikas: Set of strings *CONGRATS RYROD*
12. PaulBSA: Iz songbook *CONGRATS GLASS*
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I'm back in again Mim. It was great last year and here's a vote for Jan. 7th
Count me in. I also cast my vote for January 7th.
Also, I have a Dean Markley stick on piezo pick-up (used once but in great condition, missing the original box but still have the warranty registration card) I am willing to contribute to the prize pool.
Count me in Mim. I'm good with any date, but the sooner the better.
Im really up for this! Thanks mim
What they hey, I'm in.
I would like to donate to better the prize. As a donater, I would not be eligible for the prize after I win it. - Meaning I want to win it but would dq myself if I did win it. I will send you a paypal donation for the prize.

Please start ASAP. I have told myself I start January 1, 2012 at 5 am so I will take a picture then. So if you start January 7, I will then only count 11 weeks as my interval as I will be 1 week in front of you all
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1. Mim
2. Suzukhammer
3. Ruckmonkey
4. raecarter
5. paulbsa
6. greyghost
7. Susie A
8. dkcrown (don't include the Pineapple Sundae you shed recently)
9. hidden cross
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OK, initial weigh in will be the 7th or 8th. Just depending on if you like to weigh in on Saturday or Sunday. To qualify for weekly prizes (if we do that again) you have to have your numbers in to me by Monday morning when I wake up.

Do we want to do weekly prizes? I need people to volunteer weeks. I can usually swing about 2-3 weeks. I am terrible about getting my prizes out on time and the people who won mine last time, I promise they are coming. Haha!

I am excited about this round too. Just keep in mind on one of the first weeks I will be gone on a cruise. An all you can eat cruise. And honestly, I cant pass up this oppotunity to endulge because this will NEVER happen again (someone else is paying for it or I would have never been able to afford it in the first place). I will also be at NAMM, which messes me up... EXCEPT... it is A LOT of walking, so I could lose while there. So I am not going to do my inital weigh in until after the cruise.

KEEP IN MIND... I am going to do my bestest to get everything posted on time, and 95% chance I will be pretty punctual. I did well last time. BUT... I have the cruise, NAMM, and then I am moving... this may actually help because since I still have to work while we move, there will be about a month where I will be without my family. This is going to kill me, but leave a lot of time to dedicate to exercise and keeping up with UUBL. As long as I can stay away from fast food. We need more peeps, so spread the word to other uke friends you have!!

THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME YALL! I am hoping for a lot more talking and motivating each other this time.
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Last thing to vote on...

12 or 16 weeks

12 always seems good, last time we did 13. Just not sure if you guys want to have a longer contest. I know I could sure use the motivation.
I say 12 weeks Mim. People tend to lose steam and fall off the wagon towards the end any way.

Good luck with your move Mim. Sounds like a trying time to go through without family and having you schedule in upheaval. Must stay the course with your eating habits during those stretches.
I say 12 weeks Mim. People tend to lose steam and fall off the wagon towards the end any way.

Good luck with your move Mim. Sounds like a trying time to go through without family and having you schedule in upheaval. Must stay the course with your eating habits during those stretches.

I think I agree with the 12 weeks. It ends on March 31st then, that is a good time.

It is either going to be a ton easier without people around or I will rely on convienence foods. I will have to only keep healthy stuff in the house and see if that helps!
Please count me in again- have been signed off work for the last couple of months with depression and panic attacks and need motivation to shed the weight I have put on not doing anything.
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