UWC2010 June 4th-5th

Yeah, yeah. We know. The cat's in the mail....

I get dibs on rooming with Sukie!!

You warm my heart, Uki.

waiting, waiting, waiting.....
I get dibs on rooming with LisaXY!
I already dibs'd it, sorry.


Woo hoo I wouldn't miss it for the world! (just like I said last year and I missed it)
(but this time I mean it)
(seriously love you guys)
I don't plan on missing this one. I missed the first one b/c we went to Hawaii the day after and the wife said only one trip.
This gives me most of a year to talk my wife into this. She's not very musical, and thinks my uke affliction is silly.

Plenty of time to make vacation arrangements at work. Close enough to drive. The 4th of June is my birthday.....

Maybe if I whine enough she'll give in! :D
This is CAAA-RAZY!!! I can't believe how KILLER this is going to be! I hope 2 days is enough time to meet everyone! :)

Henry - you are correct, sir. Your life will literally be in jeopardy if you do not go.

Sukie - I couldn't imagine rooming with ANYONE ELSE!

Alan - there's ALWAYS room for one more ;)

UWC 2010...I'LL START ON THE T-SHIRTS! :biglaugh:
Is this like some kind of Ukulele party or something? How come I've never heard of it. :mad:
Aw, yea!

Mailman - Regarding reluctant spouses, my wife was in your shoes last year. Right up until a few days before UWC I was still on the fence about making the trip with her - and then the UWC happened. Now I have a uke of my own. (magic?)

So yeah, LonnaB and ShawnB will be making the return trip. Hope we can get our babysitting action together so we can be part of a cabin situation.

9 months from this very day! Excitement!
Bah... I am so jealous on you USrs :p
If I had been 18 I'd get the cash to fly down some way :p but it's a bit more than 2 months before I turn 18.. :p
Maybe I'll be there for 2011 :)
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